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Nandina domestica hybrids and cultivars

Other Common Names: Heavenly Bamboo, Sacred Bamboo
Family: Berberidaceae

Not actually a bamboo, but the species looks somewhat like one.

Dwarf forms are usually more popular for modern gardens and urban landscaping, and can be used as informal mini-hedges or even groundcover if planted en masse. They are suprisingly tough plants and very popular with landscapers.

They can get nice autumnal tones in winter, but this might depend on the environmental conditions they are growing in. Berry-producing cultivars should be avoided because of their weed potential. More information about Nandina coming to this page in the future.

Dwarf nandinas were discussed in more detail in the 20-03-2020 edition of Get Results Gardening. That's a weekly email publication for Australian gardeners, especially those in the tropical, subtropical and warm temperate parts of the country. If you request a free trial (see for instructions) you can ask for a copy of the 20-03-2020 edition to be sent as well if you want to read the nandina article (Australian residents only, please).

Nandina in the Landscape

Pictures will be added here to give you an idea of growth habit and how the plants look in various settings. All the photos so far were taken in Brisbane. Click for larger images.

nandina_domestica nandina_domestica nandina_domestica
nandina_domestica nandina_domestica nandina_domestica
Nandina domestica original, large-growing species

nandina groundcover nandina nandina
nandina nandina nandina
nandina nandina nandina
nandina nandina
Nandina dwarf varieties. As these are growing in existing landscapes, the identity of the varieties is unknown.
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