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The Australian native plant commonly called "Native Frangipani" is not related to the frangipani we normally associate with the tropics, the Plumeria. Plumeria belongs to the Apocynaceae familay, while Hymenosporum flavum belongs to the the Pittosporaceae.

However, they share a superficial resemblence, and fragrant flowers.

Other Information Online

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There does exisit a dwarf Hymenosporum called 'Gold Nugget', but you might have to try a lot of garden centres before you find it.
Where are all the flowers? (Hymenosporum 'Gold Nugget') Royal New Zealand Institute of Horticulture

Possible Misspellings: frangipanni, frangpanni

Warning: collection, destruction, propagation, movement, sale or purchase of any Australian native plant (including seeds or spores) may be subject to laws and regulations. Be sure to check with appropriate authorities before engaging in these activities, even on private property. Other laws may also apply to the treatment and movement of plant or soil material (for example, to control the spread of weeds, pests and diseases.)

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