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Plumbago auriculata and other Plumbago species, hybrids and cultivars

Family: Plumbaginaceae

Vigorous and easy to grow in full sun in SE Qld., plumbago has the big advantage of being drought-tolerant and quick growing.

Thin cane-like stems produce a loose mounding shrub which can climb or scramble if it has support nearby.

A scrambling climber by nature, iIt can be kept shrubby with a hard cut back from time to time (after a flowering flush) although its not well suited to a mixed shrubbery. Try it as an informal hedge.

Good for tough spots, give it space and allow it to cascade over a retaining wall or down a sunny bank.

In smaller gardens, train it up a fence or trellis to create a wall of flower. Alternatively, grow in a large container where it can spill over but be easily controlled.

Suitable for cottage and hertitage gardens, particularly the traditional cultivars with soft blue or white (Plumbago auriculata 'Alba') flowers. The cultivar 'Royal Cape' (syn. 'Monott') has a brighter blue flower and is very popular and widely available.

Because they are so floriferous, the plumbagos are ideal for white or blue colour-schemed gardens.

Plumbago capenis is a synonym of Plumbago auriculata. There is a native species: Plumbago zeylanica, which also occurs in SE Asia.

Where to buy Plumbago

The common varieties should be easy to find in most garden centres.

More unusual cultivars or species may be harder to obtain. If you operate a business (including mail order or online nursery) supplying Plumbago plants for sale to the public in Queensland, you can advertise in this section. Those selling rare types are especially urged to advertise. Information for advertisers.

Plumbago in the Landscape

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Young plant forming a mounding groundcover, but will soon outgrow the space and require regular cutting back.
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Plumbago can scramble with suitable support.
Plumbago on a slope that would otherwise be difficult to mow.
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