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Delonix regia

Family: Caesalpiniaceae

This is one of the classic flowering trees growing in South East Queensland, although it is not an Australian native. The wonderful spreading shape makes them wonderful for providing shade in a hot climate. The flowers are a bonus. Unfortunately, it isn't suitable for the modern suburban lot.


Poincianas to stay in Chevron Island makeover

Gold Coast City Council say that two large poinciana trees will be retained in the proposed revamp of Chevron Island's main street. Source: Progress for main street makeover (May 2011)

Where to buy Delonix in Qld


If you live in an area where it grows, the common red-flowered Poinciana should be readily available. Ask your local garden centre if they have poinciana for sale, or can order one for you.

If you want to buy an extra large size tree, try the Advanced Plants page to see if there's a suitable nursery listed.

You may have to hunt around for named cutivars (including yellow or orange flowered types) or unusual Delonix species. If you operate a nursery offering such unusual varieties, you may wish to Advertise on this page.

More Online Information

Please note:The following links are for general information - some species or cultivars may be unavailable in Australia
Some plants also called "poinciana", especially overseas, belong to other genera such as Peltophorum or Caesalpinia
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Possible misspellings: Poinsiana, Pointsiana, Pointciana, Ponsiana, Ponsiana

Poinciana trees
Poinciana trees are magnificent when they have room to spread. Note variation in flowering, with the tree on the far left apprently delayed relative to the other two (Photo: Brisbane, December 2006)

Poinciana flowers
Poinciana flowers. (November 2011, Acacia Ridge, Brisbane)

Poinciana trees. Note variation in flower colour. (November 2012, Sunnybank Hills, Brisbane)

Poinciana flowers
Poinciana trees. Detail of above image. (November 2012, Sunnybank Hills, Brisbane)
Unfortunately, modern urban landscapes don't allow for the space required for these trees to reach their full potential

Immature seedpods. April, 2013 (Sunnybank Hills)Maturing seedpods. September (Salisbury, 2013)

Yellow Poinciana

The following photographs of yellow-flowered trees growing in Brisbane in 2013 may be Delonix regia var. flavida. If the poor flowering of these specimens is anything to go by, few people would be interested in this variety except as a novelty. The trees are small, however, and it is possible that more mature specimens might perform better.

Yellow Poinciana

Yellow Poinciana Yellow Poinciana

2019 Update: Six years later flowering was better, with one tree out of the three having much more bloom. However, this was a good year for all poincianas.

Delonix regia var flavida

Delonix regia var flavida  Delonix regia var flavida  Delonix regia var flavida
Delonix regia var flavida  Delonix regia var flavida  Delonix regia var flavida

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