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Common Names: Quisqualis, Rangoon creeper, red riot
Synonyms: Quisqualis species
Family:  Combretaceae

The old-fashioned vine known as Rangoon creeper or quisqualis was Quisqualis indica but has been reclassified as Combretum indicum.

More recent to the market is Combretum mussaendiflorum (previously Quisqualis mussaendiflora or Quisqualis falcata var. mussaendiflorais), sold as Red Riot.

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Combretum (Quisqualis) in the Landscape

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Combretum indicum (syn. Quisqualis indica)

Combretum mussaendiflorum Combretum mussaendiflorum Combretum mussaendiflorum
Combretum mussaendiflorum, sold as Red Riot

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