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Tradescantia spathacea

Other Common Names: Moses In The Cradle, Oyster Plant
Synonyms: Rhoeo spathacea, Rhoeo discolor
Family: Commelinaceae

Very easy to grow. Grows in shade, in a minimal amount of soil. Somewhat succulent in nature so tolerates drying out between waterings.

Very easy to propagate and create massed displays at very low cost. Fast tropical effects can be achieved by block planting as a groundcover or in containers.

Dwarf forms, including variegated striped varieties are particularly popular in landscaping today.

Unfortunately, this plant grows so easily it has weed potential and has become invasive in Florida, USA. For more information on this issue see the Invasive Species Specialist Group (ISSG) link below. So take care and never dump waste of this plant (or any plants!) in the bush.

Rhoeo in the Landscape

tradescantia_spathacea tradescantia_spathacea
Dwarf and regular varieties growing side by side, full sun
Regular variety, part shade
Flowers (regular variety)
tradescantia_spathacea tradescantia_spathacea
One of the variegated varieties. This one has pale yellow stripes

Other Information Online

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Possible Misspellings: Roeo, Rhoio, Rowio

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