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Marsdenia floribunda

Synonym: Stephanotis floribunda
Family: Apocynaceae

The fragrant white flowers are popular for wedding bouquets, but the vine is only suitable for frost-free climates if grown outdoors.

An article about Stephanotis was included in the 04-11-2022 edition of Get Results Gardening, a weekly email publication for Australian gardeners, especially those in the tropical, subtropical and warm temperate parts of Australia. If you want to read it, request a tree trial (more information and include a request to be sent the 04-11-2022 edition as well. Australian residents only, please.

Stephanotis in the Landscape

These pictures (taken in Brisbane) are intended to show the habit of growth and how thee vines might be trained on various structures. Click for larger images.

Stephanotis Stephanotis Stephanotis
Plain green leaf

Stephanotis Stephanotis Stephanotis
Stephanotis Stephanotis Stephanotis
Stephanotis Stephanotis Stephanotis
Stephanotis Stephanotis
Variegated leaf variety. Amount of variegation expressed is not consistent. Some shoots emerge entirely green

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