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Tree ferns

Cyathea species, Dicksonia species

Although tree ferns come from many countries, most of the species popularly grown in Queensland gardens are in fact Australian natives.

More information to come in future updates

More Online Information

Lamington National Park Website The University of Queensland Check under "Flora of Lamington" species descriptions for information on Cyathea leichardtiana and Cyathea australis
Cyathea australis, Cyathea cooperi Australian National Botanic Gardens
Sphaeropteris cooperi, Australian Tree Fern, University of Florida USA (PDF)
Keith's Fern Page actually an extensive site offering information on many ferns including tree ferns. Keith Rogers is based in South Australia
Cyathea cooperi Trees of Miami, Florida, USA
Treeferns Down Under by Rod Hill (includes treeferns of NZ and elsewhere)
Fiona Hall's fern garden An installation of Dicksonia antarctica. Part of the Sculpture Garden at the National Gallery of Australia
Hapu'u (Hawaiian Tree Fern) University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA (note comments on invasiveness of Australian tree ferns in Hawaiian environment)
Cold-hardy tree ferns a USA site that discusses some Australian species

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