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Waterlogged soils

and drainage issues

This is a new page concerning issues surrounding waterlogged soils. Its not as common a problem as drought, but even rare periods of extended rain periods or even floods are enough to kill plants that you may have nurtured for many years.

Or , plants which aren't sufficiently well drained may simply fail to thrive.

This is a new page - more information to come in future updates.


Cities become concrete watersheds

The trend for United Kingdom homeowners to pave their gardens to provide parking or reduce maintenance, combined with urban densification, is increasing the risk of floods. Modelling of several cities show that existing drainage will be unable to cope with the amount of runoff in the future, especially if storm events intensify due to climate change. Depaving gardens and enhancing vegetation cover would help absorb storm water naturally and reduce severity of flooding. Source: Homeowners must depave gardens or face flooding (January, 2017)

Other Information Online

These links are provided for general information and research. Note that some of the plants or products discussed in links below may be unavailable in Australia or may not be suitable for our conditions.
Waterlogging and flooding Royal Horticultural Society, UK
The Myth of Antitranspirants Do antitranspirants prevent drought stress? Washington State University (PDF)

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