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Family: Fabaceae

Also spelled "Wistaria"

In Queensland, good wisteria will be largely restricted to the cooler parts of the state. Nevertheless, many gardeners will want to try these classic flowering climbers, especially to compliment a traditional or cottage garden.

Another requirement is a sturdy structure on which to grow the vine. They can be very vigorous, and some have become invasive in parts of the USA.

Places to buy Wisteria


First, ask at local garden centres, particularly if you live in one of the cooler regions of Qld.

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If you operate a nursery (including online and mail order nurseries) selling wisteria vines to the public in Qld, (especially if you offer a greater selection of wisteria plants than the average garden centre), and you'd like to advertise on thsi page, you'll find more information here: Information for potential advertisers

More Online Information

Monet's Wisterias

The world's most famous Wisterias are surely those that decorated the arch over the Japanese Bridge in Monet's garden at Giverny. There's some more information in the following links:
Giverny - Monet's House and Gardens Michigan State University Master Gardener Program
Waterlilies and Japanese bridge Part of the Monet and Japan exhibition at the national Gallery of Australia

More Links

The following are for general information, research and ideas - some species or cultivars referred to in links may be unavailable in Australia or unsuitable for Queensland conditions
Wisteria by Francesco Vignoli, Italy (English and Italian versions)
Wisteria (Wisteria sinensis) Includes some history of origin as cultivated plant. University of Arkansas
Wisteria Pruning Filioli Estate, near San Francisco (PDF)
Beautiful and versatile wisteria Colorado State University
Wisteria doesn't bloom New Mexico State University
Waning wisteria Royal New Zealand Institute of Horticulture
Wisteria in containers Royal New Zealand Institute of Horticulture
Growing Wisteria Ohio State University
Wisteria floribunda 'Rosea' and notes on other wisteria. Mast Arboretum, Texas USA
Japanese Wisteria Virginia Cooperative Extension
Look Good, Smell Better, Act Bad (discusses control problems) Hilton Pond Center, South Carolina
Exotic Wisterias Alien Plant Working Group
Sierra Madre's Wistaria Vine Festival, honoring a local vine planted around 1894, now said to be the world's largest blossoming plant. Sierra Madre News Net, California
La Colleziona dei Glicini (Wisteria) Centro Sperimentale per il Vivaismo di Pistoia (in Italian)
Japanese wisteria Dendrology at Virginia Tech
Chinese wisteria Dendrology at Virginia Tech
Wisteria floribunda Oregon State University
Wisteria sinensis 'Jako' National Council for the Conservation of Plants and Gardens
Wisteria floribunda, W. sinensis Fire Effects Information System, USDA Forest Service

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