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The mossy-looking ground cover sold in garden centres as "no mow grass" Zoysia matrella var. pacifica but you will probably see it labelled as Zoysia tenuifolia.

Zoysias grown for lawns on a larger scale include selected cutivars and hybrids of various Zoysia species. Bear in mind that the exact properties of cultivars referred to in international publications may vary from Zoysia turf varieties currently available in Australia. Performance will, of course, also be affected by local environment, too.

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No Mow Grass

Zoysia matrella var. pacifica synonym Zoysia tenuifolia. Many other common names including temple grass, Manila Grass, Korean velvet grass.
No Mow Excellent Brisbane-based blog dedicated to real-life experiments with no-mow type grasses and other lawn substitutes.
Zoysia tenuifolia 'Korean Grass' Living Walls Plant Database, Centre for Subtropical Design, Queensland University of Technology (PDF)
Zoysia tenuifolia auct. and Zoysia matrella (L.) Merr. var. pacifica Goudswaard information on the taxonomy of this variety from United States Department of Agriculture

Turf varieties and other species

Zoysia grasses Queensland Dept Primary Industries (via Internet Archive's Wayback Machine)
Zoysiagrass for Florida Lawns University of Florida
The new kid on the block - the new Zoysias (2007) University of Florida (PDF)
Zoysiagrass Texas A&M University
Zoysiagrass for Arizona University of Arizona Cooperative Extension
Meyer Z-52 Zoysiagrass - Plant of the Week (Zoysia japonica 'Meyer Z-52') University of Arkansas
Emerald Zoysiagrass in: 1997 Horticultural Promotions for South Central Texas, Texas A&M University
Zoysia matrella (L.) Merrill Grassland Species, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
California Turfgrass Culture, Volume 30 Number 1, 1980 Contains article "Zoysiagrasses in California" (PDF)
California Turfgrass Culture, Volume 38 Numbers 1 and 2, 1988 Contains several articles about Zoysia grass (PDF)
Prickly Couch (Zoysia macrantha) Coastal Plant Regeneration, Hunter and Central Coast Regional Environmental Management Strategy, NSW


Sorting Zoysia names Multilingual Multiscript Plant Name Database, University of Melbourne
Zoysia (Poaceae) University of Tasmania


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Zoysia tenuifolia or "no mow grass" as groundcover under young poinciana trees. Over time, it develops a hummocky growth habit if left unmown (Brisbane, August 2013)

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