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Information for Queensland gardeners

The Queensland Gardening Pages started on but have since been joined by the companion website and gateway

The target audience are Queensland homeowners and other consumers of retail gardening products and services in Queensland. However, the site is also used by members of the horticultural and landscaping industries, in addition to visitors from other parts of Australia and the world.

Aims include:
  • to provide up-to-date horticultural news for Queensland residents, including notification of garden-related events
  • to promote plants, garden products, landscaping and associated services in Queensland
  • to link gardeners to information on warm climate horticulture from around the world
  • to contribute to the body of knowledge of subtropical gardening
  • to promote and provide information on environmentally sustainable gardening, landscaping and lifestyle practices
  • to generally promote and encourage the personal, social and environmental benefits of gardening
  • to organise information in a way that is easy to find and understand

These sites are published by Calyx Horticultural Services ABN 38 518 961 623. (Contact Information). More about the publisher here.

Other Publications and Services

Get Results Gardening

Get Results Gardening is a weekly newsletter-style email publication especially for the new, inexperienced or reluctant gardener in SE QLD, providing Simple and achievable ideas, reliable plants, shortcuts, inspiration and motivation for a beautiful garden that compliments your house and makes your whole property more enjoyable to live in. MORE...


Copywriting for advertisments, website, flyers, catalogues or blogs, particularly horticulture and landscape-related businesses. Recycle your previous newsletters, articles and talks by having your your existing content edited and refreshed. Ever thought about putting your knowledge and experience together as a book? MORE...

Background research:

Information, gathered on specific horticultural topics. MORE...

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