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Plant nutrition and fertilsers

Chemical symbol: Fe

More information coming soon. Meanwhile, check out the links below for more information about iron and iron fertilisation.

Other Information Online

General information in the links below. You might find more about the nutrition of specific plants if you go to the page devoted to that group. Menu here: List of Plants

You'll also find publications discussing a range of nutrients on the main plant nutrition (general) page.

Phosphorus and Iron Nutrition in Australian Native Plants Australian Native Plants Society (Australia)
Iron Chlorosis of Trees and Shrubs NebGuide from University of Nebraska, USA
Micronutrients - Iron Auburn University, Alabama
Iron (Fe) Nutrition of Plants University of Florida
Iron Images Some ilustration of iron deficiency, with notes. Utah State University
How to Prevent Iron Deficiency in Spring Greenhouse Crops Deficiency in bedding plant production, with some photos. University of Massachusetts Amherst
Symptoms of Iron Deficiency Purdue University
Keep Your Plants Pumping Iron Yard and Garden News, University of Minnesota
Control of iron chlorosis in ornamental and crop plants Utah State University Extension (PDF)
Iron Chlorosis Colorado State University Extension
Iron Chlorosis Ohio State University
Importance of Iron to Plants growns in Alkaline Soils Proceedings of the Florida State Horticultural Society (PDF)
Iron: nutritious, noxious, and not readily available Article from Plant Physiology (journal)
Iron uptake and transport in plants: The good, the bad, and the ionome A Chemical Reviews article at the National Center for Biotechnology Information website (USA)
Iron for turfgrass nutrition Golf Course Management, The Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (PDF)



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