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Below is an overview of the range of information collected with Queensland's gardeners in mind and presented across two domains: and

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Plant information

Queensland covers a large area and a range of climates. Most of the population lives near or on the coast, with a subtropical or tropical climate, so most of the plants covered by this website under will reflect this bias. Go to the List of Plants or try search Search to find more about your plant of interest. Some pages also include advertisements for nurseries, if you're looking for a Qld supplier. (If you run a nursery supplying plants to the public in Qld, please get in touch about advertising)

Some popular plants (roses and lavenders, for example)If you need personal assistance, click here. more usually associated with cooler and/or Mediterranean climates may be included on these pages because many people are nevertheless interested in growing them here and are looking for advice on how to best to cultivate them and which varieties are best suited to hot humid regions.

Some of the most commonly cultivated Australian native genera will be included in the above list, but native plant enthusiasts should visit the Australian Native Plant Pages for more on this topic.

If grow-your-own is your interest, visit the Fruits and nuts, Vegetables and Herbs pages. The The Self Sufficiency Pages also looks at gardening and farming as well as other self-sufficiency issues.

Information on soils, fertilisers, pruning etc

Basic horticultural principles and techiques are explained in many publications. This site will concentrate on information of particular relevance to Queensland gardeners. If you're looking for information relevant to a particular species start by checking the appropriate page (see the List of Plants).

If you're looking for general information, go to Site Map for a menu of topics or try Search.

Jobs to do

A month-to-month guide for jobs to do in the garden is currently being developed (Greater Brisbane region only at present). Pick a month:








Garden designs and styles

The Queenslander Garden provides information of particular interest to anyone restoring or re-creating a classic Queenslander style home (links of architectural and historical interest, too!) To explore more design ideas, including the popular "Balinese" style garden, make the Garden Styles page your starting point.

Where to buy plants and other gardening goods and services

The Nursery Guide is intended as a general, easy-to-browse guide to nurseries and garden centres in Qld.

Pages covering individual  PlantsGarden Services  and Products, Tools & Accessories  are also places to look for approriate businesses in particular categories.

However, there are also a number of Regional Pages. Your regional page is good place to start if you're looking for businesses or other information relevant to your local area.

If you operate a garden-related business in Qld and you'd like to advertise on any of these pages, you'll find advertising information here.

What's On?

Check the Events Diary for garden shows, workshops, open gardens and other events of interest to gardeners and plant lovers in Queensland. If you're organising such an event, be sure to send in your information. You might also like to check with individual Garden Clubs & Societies to see what activities they have on offer. The Garden Competitions page is intended to let people know about garden competitions being conducted around the state.

News and views

News about plants and gardens from Queensland and around the world is now available at this website's companion site: Sometimes entertaining, sometimes useful, sometimes both!

Rules and regulations

Some links to government departments and other organisations regulating horticulturally-related activities have been provided on these pages for general information purposes but should NOT be relied upon to be current or complete. Even the names and duties of Queensland Government departments change too often to be able to keep all the links updated on a site like this. Always do your own research and contact the approriate authorities directly to discuss your particular situation.

Other Topics

You you work in the garden industry in a professional capacity, there's a range of news, opinion and links in the Modern Garden Marketing section.

If you need a present for a gardener, or just want to give something that's unusual and/or useful, check out Garden Gift Ideas.

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