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Home food production, renewable energy, alternative technologies, sustainable agriculture
with an emphasis on Brisbane and Queensland


The following links have been provided for general information. Check with appropriate authorities for advice on building regulations in your area.

You might also find some related information under Home Energy and Water with respect to integrating water and energy collection/storage/efficiency into the building design.

Your Home A joint initiative of the Commonwealth government and the design and construction industries
Smart Housing Department of Housing, Queensland Government
Sustainable Homes A Queensland program
Centre for Subtropical Design Brisbane City Council & Queensland University of Technology
Hill End Ecohouse Blog following the construction of a 6 Star energy rated sustainable house in inner Brisbane
GreenSmart An implementation of HIA's 'PATHE' (Partnership Advancing The Housing Environment) initiative (Australia)
EcoSpecifier Information related to sources of environmentally preferable materials in Australasia, ecodesign, sustainable architecture
Solar House Day showcasing passive solar design (Australian and New Zealand Solar Energy Society)
Solar House Project Bribie Island, SE Qld, Australia. Descriptions & pictures should be of interest to anyone building a similar home in this region
Arid Lands Newsletter Office of Arid Land Studies, University of Arizona, USA. Explore the archives for many articles about desert architecture.
Dome Home Connection An information source (including news and forum) for those interested in dome and geodesic buildings and related issues
Cement Concrete & Aggregates Australia presents Concrete Basics for beginners in addition to extensive information for professionals
Earthships website of the Earthship creators

Earth and Straw Bale

Newton House Straw bale and other sustainable building. Includes journal of a real-life project. Australian site.
Earth Building Research Forum University of Technology Sydney. Includes research articles and photo gallery

Timber, Bamboo

Timber Queensland Site includes technical information on timber for DIYers and professional builders
Design and of tropical timber housing (sic) from An International Review of Forestry and Forest Products, Unasylva Vol. 25 - Number 100, 1971. FAO Corporate Document Repository
Tropical Palms Non-wood forest products 10, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). Discusses uses of various palm products around the world
Bamboo Queensland Gardening Pages. Many links for those wishing to investigate this material

Landscaping to save energy

Functional Uses of Plants in the Landscape Overview of how plants can provide practical benefits around the home, like screening or shading. Ohio State University
Using trees to save energy College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources free publication, University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA (PDF)
Plants Can Reduce Energy Costs University of Florida
Energy Saving Landscapes University of Minnestoa
Landscaping to conserve energy Reproduction of a 1989 article, Proceedings of the Florida State Horticultural Society (PDF)

Treechanger / Treechangee

A page intended for Australians looking for opportunities to move to the country and for communities that are actively seeking people to move to their district. View here:

A page for the mortage-stressed & others hoping to use their yards to produce food in an emergency:

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