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This is a hot topic in Australia at the moment. Be sure to try your city or shire council and your regional water authority for locally relevant information concerning water tanks, mains watering restrictions etc.


The following links have been provided for general information. Check with appropriate authorities for advice on regulations that may apply to water use, storage, recycling, etc in your area.

Water Environmental Protection Agency, Qld water conservation information for home, garden, business and education
Hubert Chanson (Uof Q) - articles on weirs, dams, fountains and other waterworks - The World Irrigation Index Includes a virtual library
Arid Lands Newsletter Office of Arid Lands Studies, University of Arizona
A glimpse of local technology knowledge for comprehensive watershed management in China Documents various water harvesting, soil conservation and crop production techniques developed by Chinese farmers. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
The Art and Science of Water How Arab architects and engineers captured and managed scarce water supplies in past times. Saudi Aramco World magazine
Microcatchment: Making the Most of Limited Rainfall The Overstory, Agroforestry ejournal
Micro-catchments Peace Corps Master's International Program in Forestry, Michigan Technological University
Deep Retreats An article about the deep step-wells of India. Saudi Aramco World magazine

Composting Toilets
These are a way of saving water as well as recycling nutrients on-site. This will be covered on the Home and Lifestyle page.

Treechanger / Treechangee

A page intended for Australians looking for opportunities to move to the country and for communities that are actively seeking people to move to their district. View here:

A page for the mortage-stressed & others hoping to use their yards to produce food in an emergency:

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