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This page is intended to let the residents of Queensland know about items which can help them deal with garden waste and keep their properties clean and tidy. Suitable products would include compost bins and other composting systems, compost tumblers, rakes and brooms, shredders, leaf blower/vacs, gutter protection systems, tidy bags etc.


Island Composting

With Redland City Council support, a community-based effort to deal with organic waste locally is to be trialled on Karragarra Island in Moreton Bay. Participating residents will take material to Karragarra Community Garden, where it will be composted and used to grow more food. A solar-powered, forced aeration composting system will be developed and tested as part of the project. It's hoped that this will efficiently and economically deal with food waste, which could otherwise cause problems in a small, community-run scheme. The University of Queensland’s Centre for Recycling of Organic Waste and Nutrients (CROWN), Running Wild Youth Conservation Culture and Southern Moreton Bay Islands Permaculture are also collaborating in this research. Source: Recycling trial targets organic waste on Karragarra Island (October 2020)

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Suppliers of garden waste management tools & products to Qld


The home garden range of quality AL-KO power garden products are now available with the convenience of online shopping from

Select from a range of feature-packed lawnmowers including a manual push mower designed for both a perfect cut and operator comfort.

There are electric hedge cutters to suit large or small gardens, while the powerful electric garden shredder will deal with the trimmings and much more.

The JET Pump is extremely versatile, with ample pressure for irrigating with garden hoses or sprinklers from a rainwater tank.

For more information, specifications and online ordering, visit


85 McKees Road
Palmwoods Qld 4555
Ph: (07) 5445 9704
Mob: 0410 152 910

worm farm Based on Queensland's Sunshine Coast, Worms DownUnder is a commercial worm farm with expertise in organic waste management. We can help you turn organic waste into valuable soil additives, be it on a domestic level or large scale.

Worms DownUnder also sells worms and worm farms direct to the public. Using specially designed packaging, we can post out to most parts of Australia, safely and cheaply. We grow both mixed compost worms and African Nightcrawler bait worms. We are able to supply both large and small volumes of worms at competitive prices.

Visit the Worms DownUnder WEBSITE for more information. Expert, friendly, no-obligation advice is only a phone call away or simply drop in for a chat.

If you sell products to help home gardeners in Queensland manage their , you can find out more information about advertising on this page here: Advertising information

Older News

Brisbane community composting expands

Brisbane's 20th community composting hub has recently opened in association with the Graceville Community Garden. Instead of sending kitchen scraps and green waste to landfill, participating residents can take it to a composting hub to be turned into something useful. Source: Sustainability growing through community composting (February, 2019)

Brisbane trials community composting

A new trial launched by Brisbane City Council aims to reduce organic waste going to landfill by allowing residents new community gardens to contribute food scraps for composting. Participants near each of the trial hubs will receive a caddy to collect the waste. Volunteers will assist in the gardens. Source: Community composting trialled in gardening hubs (October 2016)

Sunshine Coast Council releases composting DVD

Sunshine Coast residents who can't attend one of the council's compost and wormfarm workshops can now learn at home with a new DVD. "Compost Worm Farms and Everything in Between" is freely available from Sunshine Coast Council offices, libraries and online at their website. It includes information on setting up and maintaining an organic recycling system and producing free fertiliser at home. More information: Free DVD helping residents recycle in their own backyard (May 2011)

Green waste bins for Ipswich
A green waste wheelie bin program will begin in Ipswich in September. The bins will be designed with air vents especially for the storage of organic matter. There will be a cost for the fortnightly collection. More information at Ipswich City Council website: Green light given for green waste bins (March 2011)

Sunshine Coast compost trial
In a first for Queensland, the Sunshine Coast Council is embarking on a composting trial in food and garden waste will be collected in a separate wheeelie bin. This will be used to create a high-grade compost. 500 residents will be particpating in the trial initially. If successful, this could be a way to keep these materials out of landfill and recycling the nutrients they contain, avoiding the associate greenhouse gas emissions while producing a valuable soil improver. Source: Coast residents join Queensland first trial (February 2011)

The 7 days of compost
Composting turns a waste problem into valuable products. International Composting Awareness Week is designed to promote the importance of using organic refuse to produce soil-enriching compost instead of methane-producing landfill. Check the calender at to find out what activities are being held in your area in conjunction with International Composting Awareness Week, which runs from Sunday 3rd to Saturday 9th May 2009.

Three bins for Burdekin
Burdekin Shire Council will be introducing a three-bin system for waste collection system. A new 140 litre bin will be delivered to several towns in 2009, with the old 240 litre bin then becoming a green waste bin. Separate collection of green waste makes possible the opportunity to use the it in products like mulch or compost, while reducing the neeed for new landfill sites and reducing methane generation from landfill. Source: Burdekin brings in green waste bins (PDF) (November, 2008)

Keep the green stuff
Instead of taking green waste to the dump, Moreton Bay Regional Council wants lawnmowing and gardening service providers to encourage composting at clients' properties. This has environmental advantages, reduces the need for landfill and represents cost savings for contractors. Source: Council encourages contractors to compost green waste (July, 2008)

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