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Water Saving Gardens

Unlimited water out of the tap is a thing of the past for most of us. If we're going to have successful gardens in the harsh environment we live in, water tanks combined with efficient use of water must play an important role in garden designs of the future.

This page is about general approaches to creating water-saving gardens in Queensland. More about specific drought tolerant plants here: Drought tolerant plants and about watering and irrigation in general here: Garden Watering Issues. Things to help you water efficiently here: Irrigation & Water-saving equipment. There are also some links about lawn management here: Lawn and Turf supplies


Does greywater on the garden make you sick?

An Israeli study in which the health of users was compared to non-users over a one-year period has shown no greater risk of water-related diseases such as gastroenteritis by garden irrigation with graywater, at least in arid areas. Source: Graywater Reuse for Irrigation Deemed Safe (December, 2015)

More Online Information

Below are some selected sites from around Australia and the world discussing garden design, maintenance practices and other aspects of garden water conservation. Not all the information may be directly applicable where you live, but should at least provide ideas for further research.

Check also with your relevant government authorities, which may be able to help you with advice and information about current watering regulations, water storage and re-use in your area. Irrigation with greywater, for example, may be illegal or strictly regulated where you live.

Queensland Water Commission is a good starting point for water supply and water saving information including the South East Queensland Regional Drought Strategy.
WaterWise plants and WaterWise in the garden Environmental Protection Agency, Queensland. More information about saving water around the home also available from the site
Establishing plants in dry areas Department of Natural Resources and Mines, Queensland (PDF)
Your Garden Guide from Gold Coast Water a division of Gold Coast City Council (PDF)
Planning a water efficient garden includes some general garden design tips (PDF). Qld Department of Natural Resources and Water

Smart Aproved WaterMark Australian labelling scheme for outdoor products and services
Water-Wise Gardening Australian National Botanic Gardens
No-water Gardening Association of Societies for Growing Australian Plants
Waterwise and Waterless Gardens Association of Societies for Growing Australian Plants
Coping with the Drought Association of Societies for Growing Australian Plants
Establishing Australian Plants - the Water Wise Way Association of Societies for Growing Australian Plants
Waterwise Guide to Gardens Water Corporation, WA
WaterWise gardening - a bibliography Australian National Botanic Gardens
Smart Desert Gardening The Centre for Appropriate Technology, Australia (PDF)

XeriscapeTM note that the trademark for this term is owned by Denver Water (Coloradao, USA). More information here
The Myth of Xeriscaping Do drought-tolerant plants really reduce residential water consumption? Washington State University (PDF)
Landscape Water Conservation (Some general principles) New Mexico State University
Planting xeriscape in a dry year New Mexico State University
Rock landscape isn't xeriscape New Mexico State University
Why isn't this a xeriscape? New Mexico State University
Landscape Designs Southern Nevada Water Authority, USA
Coachella Valley Water District, California, USA. Includes a guide to desert landscaping
PLANTanswers Drought Information from Aggie Horticulture (Texas A&M University Horticulture)
Water-Efficient Gardening and Landscaping by Denny Schrock, University of Missouri-Columbia
Xeriscape Principles Apply To Gulf Coast Mississippi State University, USA
The Ruth Bancroft Garden California, USA
Diane's Baja Desert Garden Blog Baja California Sur, Mexico
A Negev Desert Botanical Garden The Negev Desert is in Southern Israel
Trees in the Desert How landscapers establish trees and shrubs in some desert communities. Saudi Aramco World magazine
Al Ain chapter of the Emirates Natural History Group Look under Botany for topics related to plants and landscaping in the United Arab Emirates and Oman.
Got Water Run Off? Keep it in Your Own Yard! Ideas for using dry river beds in garden landscapes
Mahmood's Garden Blog about the challenges of gardening in the Arabian Desert, Bahrain
Al Ain chapter of the Emirates Natural History Group Look under Botany for topics related to plants and landscaping in the United Arab Emirates and Oman.
Extreme Lawn Makeover...Low Water Plants Takeover! Shirley Bovshow's Edenmakers' Blog (California)

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