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This page deals with news and gardening issues of particular relevance to the state's far north, including nurseries and other garden-related businesses servicing the region.


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Gardens for the public by the public

Cairns has established a program to enable individuals and community groups to care for public spaces. "Green Space Our Place" provides plants, equipment and support while volunteers perform tasks like watering and weeding as well as collaborating on design. Machans Beach Community Association, for example, has created a Native Coastal Garden in Keith Edwick Park with species are native to Redden Island and surrounding area. Cairns City Council calls on for groups or individuals who have an idea for a project or who would like to get involved in an existing group to contact them. Volunteers find their place in green spaces (July 2016)

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Nurseries, landscape supply, other garden goods & services


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Anzac Ave,
Mareeba, Qld 4880
Ph: (07) 4092 2857

Anza Nursery & Garden Centre logo
Member of About the Garden Garden Centres of Excellence

Winner of Queensland Best Small Garden Centre 2000/2002

NGIA AGCAS logoGarden Consultation Service. Full garden centre range of stock.

Specialists in bedding plants, herbs and potted colour.

Anza Nursery & Garden Centre is accredited under the Australian Garden Centre Accreditation Scheme.


Kennedy Highway,
Walkamin, Qld 4872
Ph: (07) 4093 3826

Yuruga Nursery Logo
Specialist growers of native plants. Rainforest and honey flora, rare and common species.

Located approximately 1 hours drive from Cairns, between Mareeba and Atherton. Retail and wholesale. We also provide a mail order service (140mm pots only - Australia only). For more information visit our WEBSITE.
Yuruga Nursery is accredited under the Australian Garden Centre Accreditation Scheme.


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TREAT Trees for the Evelyn and Atherton Tablelands
Frangipini Gardens Blog, Cooktown
"Butlerspride" A tropical garden near Miriwinni (south of Cairns)
Flecker Botanic Gardens Cairns (some pictures at the Victoria Adventure website, Florida)
Mareeba Rodeo Festival Includes a garden competition
Uw Oykangand and Uw Olkola Multimedia Dictionary Includes information about plants and their and use by speakers of these two Aboriginal languages (central Cape York Peninsula)
Plants of the Tip of Cape York Tropical Savannas CRC
Savanna Explorer Information about the savanna regions of northern Australia
Last Leaves from Dunk Island by E J Banfield (1925). A Project Gutenberg of Australia eBook (check Project Gutenberg of Australia for other titles by this author)

Be sure to check your local council for information on local parks, watering restrictions, garden competitions, environmental issues etc within your city or shire.
Tablelands Regional Council Includes Atherton, Malanda, Mareeba, Herberton, Ravenshoe, Kuranda (replacing former Atherton, Eacham, Herberton and Mareeba councils)
Cassowary Coast Regional Council (replacing former Cardwell and Johnstone councils)

Towns and sistricts within the area covered by this page include: Innisfail, Cairns, Atherton, Mareeba, Port Douglas, Mossman, Cooktown, Cape York, Tully, Mission Beach, El Arish, Silkwood, Mourilyan, Ravenshoe, Mount Garnet, Aloomba, Edmonton, Gordonvale, Holloway Beach, Kurandah, Malanda, Herberton, Mount Suprise, Georgetown, Croydon, Normanton, Malanda, Herberton, Ravenshoe, Mt Garnet, Kuranda, Dimbulah, Millaa Millaa, Julatten, Walkamin and other parts of far north Queensland.

Older News

Some older news which may still be of interest to Cairns and FNQ residents is retained below.

With the rain, mosquitoes

As the number of dengue cases rises, Cairns Regional Council warms residents that failing to empty water containers can earn property owners a fine. Water pooling in a tarp resulted in one of the recent Public Health Orders issued, so be sure to check everywhere. Read more at the Council's website: Hefty fines for allowing mosquitoes to breed (February 2014)

New coconut policy for Cairns

Cairns Regional Council manages more coconut palms than any other council in Australia. The cost of regular de-nutting is significant, but so is the aesthetic value, including to tourists. A Coconut Management Policy is set to be adopted for land managed by CRC. Palms that a high risk to people or property will be removed, while others in key areas will be retained and maintained. Palms of a lower aesthetic value may receive less attention or be removed. Coconut policy to mitigate risks (February 2014)

Gardens gets more than a little help from its Friends

Cairns volunteer group Friends of the Botanic Gardens, has raised nearly $100,000 toward a new conservatory for the city, with additional funds from Cairns Regional Council. Replacing the current orchid house and fernery, the new structure will feature butterflies and barramundi in addition to palms, orchids, ferns and carnivorous plants. The design was inspired by the licuala palm. Source: New conservatory to showcase botanical beauty (January 2014)

Dengue Alert

Cases of the mosquito-borne disease dengue fever have been identified in Port Douglas. Cairns Regional Council urge residents to cooperate with the inspection and spraying program and to regularly check around their premises for popential breeding sites. Read more at the council website: Dengue confirmed in Port Douglas (February 2013)

Myrtle rust reaches FNQ

Myrtle rust has been identified in a number of locations in Far North Queensland including national parks: Myrtle rust spreads to Wet Tropics (May 2012)

Electric ant eradication on track

An electric ant surveillence and eradication program is having results in the Cairns area, with no large infestations identified in the last six months. The public are urged to continue reporting any sightings of suspicious ants to Biosecurity Queensland. They can be spread by moving pot plants and other plant material containing ants. Source: Electric ants losing power (November 2012)

Pests invade from dumped waste
A new infestation of yellow crazy ants has been found near a World Heritage listed rainforest in north Qld. Biosecurity Queensland believe that illegally dumped green waste was the cause: New infestation of yellow crazy ants at Mt Peter (March 2012)

Cairns Regional Council Streetscape Awards
2011 Results available at the Council's website: Awards Celebrate Local Gardeners (September 2011)

Myrtle rust detected in North Qld again
The disease has been detected in nurseries in Cairns and Townsville. Source: North Queensland residents on call after myrtle rust detection (August 2011)

Boom away birds
Tablelands Regional Council's Bird Frite program, which scares away birds with loud "booms", will be extended into urban Atherton to deal with cockatoos that have been causing substantial damage to local gum trees and subsequent mess. Source: Council to frighten away troublesome cockatoos (June 2011)

Streetscape comp for Cairns
Cairns Regional Council are reminding residents to get ready for this year's Streetscape Awards, to be launched on 26th June. There will be categories for homes, schools, commercial gardens and neighbourhoods. More at their website: Search on for green thumbs (April 2011)

Cairns pandanus in the spotlight
The pandanus at the intersection of Shields and Sheridan Streets will become a feature at night as well as during the day, with the installation of temporary spotlights. More permanent lighting may be installed in the future, subject to funding. Source: Light to shine on pandanus tree (April 2011)

Planting guide for cyclone regions
Associate Professor Betsy Jackes has written a guide based on almost 40 years of observations to help residents of north Queensland and Darwin select and cultivate trees with safety in mind. No tree is totally cyclone-proof, but factors such as the leaf type, branching structure, type of root system, conditions at planting and subsequent pruning can also affect their performance in a cyclone. You can find the guide at the James Cook University website here: Choosing Plants for Areas Prone to Cyclones. (March 2011)

Myrtle Rust in Cairns
The disease has been found in a retail nursery in Cairns, but not before several plants from the same consignment had already been sold. Media release: Myrtle rust confirmed in Cairns nursery (23 February, 2011)

Plant celebrity puts on a show in Cairns
Cairns Botanic Garden's specimen of Amorphophallus titanum has flowered. By 13th January, staff were waiting anxiously for the inflorescence to be revealed (Exotic titan to open in Cairns). This species is famous for the enormous size of the floral structure (up to 3m) and infamous for the smell of rotting meat that it produces. Pollen from Sydney Botanic Gardens will be used to pollinate the flower when it's ready. (January 2011)

Get some Cairns style
Cairns Regional Council has produced a style guide which can be used by developers, builders and home renovators to ensure that that Cairn's tropical character is perpetuated. It identifies key elements of traditional buildings and landscapes that express the identity of the region. Practical adaptations for sustainable living in a tropical climate are also addressed. Source: Guide to tropical city style launched (December 2010)

Port Douglas palms under threat
Oil palms on Port Douglas Road that are such an important part of the town's identity may be infected with a fungal disease. One of the worst affected specimens will be completely removed and dissected to establish clearly the nature of the problem and determine a course of action to treat the rest. A replacement programme to replace lost palms is also anticipated. Source: Action to save Douglas Palms (April 2010)

Arborial renovations for Cairns city bats
Cairns Regional Council and Department of Environment and Resource Management have devised a plan to prune trees around the library without disturbing the 2 species of flying fox that roost there. Pruning of dead branches, which pose a human safety hazard to will occur between 7 and 10pm, when most of the animals are away foraging. Source: Bat roost maintenance (March 2010)

Technology may faciliate return of trees to urban spaces
The need for cool shady trees often conflicts with the need for car parking in ever-crowded cities. Cairns Regional Council is experimenting with an underground framework that will bear the load of traffic while providing uncompacted space for roots to grow. This will reduce the amount of space needed around each tree above ground, allowing large trees to grow without having to sacrifice a large amount of parking space. The system will be intially trialled on four trees on Hartley Street. More information: Plan to nurture shady street trees (February 2010)

Cairns Garden Awards - 2009 results now available
The winners are listed on the Cairns Regional Council website here: Cairns Garden Awards presented

Recycled water in the pipeline for Cairns region
Cairns Regional Council is beginning to plan a pipeline sysem that will eventually supply recycled water for industrial and horticultural uses, including residential irrigation. Source: Recycled water to be on tap (July 2009)

Power lines make way for palms in Port Douglas
Cairns Regional Council have approved funds to replace the remaining overhead powerlines on Port Douglas Road with underground cables, saving the avenue of 27 African Oil Palms that were threatening power supply. Source: Iconic Palms preserved (May 2009)

Garden comp on in Cairns
There will be many categories for commercial and residential gardens, including Unit Garden and Pensioners Garden. All entries will be judged on their water conserving qualities. Read more: Cairns Garden Awards launched (May 2009)

A green afterlife
Cairns Regional Council will consider a proposal to allow the planting of commemorative trees grown using the ashes of a loved one. The trees would be used to used for the revegetation or beautification of public places and would not carry a plaque or other identification. However, the location of the tree and information about the deceased would be available on a website. Source: Green Commemoration (February, 2009)

New facility for horticultural education in NQ
Rod Welford, Queensland's Education and Training Minister, has announced a $2.3 million centre at the Cairns campus of Tropical North Queensland TAFE. In addition to facilities for training in landscaping and horticulture, it will include underground water storage and a reed bed water recycling system. Completion is expected in January 2009. Media release: Minister announces new TAFE horticulture centre

Council is a palm fan
Cairns Regional Council has adopted a new logo featuring the native fan palm Licuala ramsayi, which grows throughout the new authority's region. View the new logo here: Council unveils its new visual identity (August 2008)



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