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Adeniums and Pachypodiums

Family: Apocynaceae

Adenium, (also known as Desert Rose) will be well known to succulent enthusiasts, but considering the current high level of interest in water-conservation, could be adopted more widely in Queensland as an ornamental. They have showy flowers and an interesting growth habit.

However, they are very poisonous (they are in the same family as the Oleander).

Pachypodium species are members of the same family, and are often discussed in conjunction with the adeniums as they have a somewhat similar growth habit. One of the most obvious differences is the presence of distinctive spines on the trunk.

Where to buy Adeniums or Pachypodiums in Qld

As these plants become more popular, you may find some in regular garden centres. Succulent Nurseries are another place to look for Pachypodiums and Adeniums.


Ingham, Qld
Mob: 0438 602 667
A nursery selling adenium (desert Roses) by mail order and by appointment.

Many adenium colours from singles to triples and lots more.

Sending to most states including QLD & NSW.

Please visit the WEBSITE or give Adenium Desert Roses QLD a call.

This section is intended for nurseries (including online and mail order) offering a greater selection or rare varieties and which might be considered Adenium specialists. If you operate such a nursery, click here: Information for advertisers

Pachypodium in the Landscape

Pictures will be added here to give you an idea of growth habit and how the plants look in various settings. Click for larger images.

Pachypodium lamerei Pachypodium lamerei Pachypodium lamerei
Pachypodium lamerei

Pachypodium geayi Pachypodium geayi
Pachypodium geayi
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