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to list your Qld garden business on

Suggestions for your listing

Simply email or phone to express your interest. Don't forget a link to your website. Alternatively, forward a copy of a brochure, flyer, information sheet etc.

After studying your website or other material, the editor will suggest the most appropriate webpages on on which to list your business. (See example at right).

While your listing is being prepared, you can decide which page or pages you'd prefer to list on, depending on our budget and objectives. Current prices on the main advertising page

Have the text written for you

While you can write your own listing if you wish, most people find it easier and faster to have their listing written for them.

Preparation of a draft (usually based on your website or other marketing material) is included in the cost of a listing. Your advertisement will be prepared by the creator of and, someone with a through knowledge of the garden industry in Queensland.

The draft will be emailed to you for approval before publication. You can edit it to suit, or use it unedited if you like it as it is.

Images Included

Your listing can include your logo (if you have one) and a small illustrative image.

These can be copied from your website, with your permission. In that case, there's no need to send in any images.

However, if you don't have a website or online source of images, you can send in a copy of your logo and/or an illustration (e.g. a picture of your storefront or one of your products).

The images will be edited to suit the layout, at no extra charge.

Be sure that you're authorised to grant permission for use of any text or images, and for it to be edited if necessary.

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Back to main advertising page


Let's say you operate a hibiscus nursery on the Gold Coast. Appropriate pages for you would include:
    Gold Coast
If you also sell some other flowering tropical plants, you might also list on:
or others as appropriate.
You can choose one or more pages, to your budget and objectives
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