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This page is intended to let the residents of Queensland know about businesses offering arborists' (arbourists)' services in this state, including: tree surgeons and tree surgery, lopping (tree loppers), tree felling and removals, pruning, canopy thinning, stump grinding, hedge trimming, tree disease diagnosis and treatment, consultants offering reports on heritage value or dangerous state of trees or general tree health. Also, root cutting or installation of root barriers.


Caloundra fig saga continues

Four figs on Bulcock Street, Caloundra have been strengthened with a "rod and cobra" bracing system to reduce safety concerns. However, the trees will eventually be removed as part of the management plant developed for the trees. Recent inspections have indicated the prognosis for the trees is worse than previously believed. Source: Firming up four fig trees on Bulcock (June 2012)

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Arborists, tree removal and related services in Qld


North Lakes, Qld
Mob: 0400 44 66 93

Statewide Tree Management provides safe and professional tree services including expert crown thinning, hedge trimming, removal of palm fronds & fruit as well as complete tree removal.

Our stump grinder is able to access most hard-to-reach places. Afterwards, the area can be turfed or landscaped by us, or mulch applied to all your garden beds.

Worried about a dangerous tree? Call anytime for emergency assistance, including removal of fallen trees and post-storm cleanup of debris. Advice on problem trees and general tree care also available.

Small gardens to large parks, private and corporate customers welcome. For more information, visit the Statewide Tree Management WEBSITE

If you're involved in providing arborist services in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Caboolture Shire, Moreton Shire (Pine Rivers, Redcliffe), Redland Shire (Redlands), Ipswich, Logan City, or any other part of Qld, please click here: Information for advertisers.

More Online Information

Please Note: Some of the specific information published on interstate/international websites concerning tree treatments, arboriculture licensing requirements and so on might not apply to Queensland or the trees commonly grown here. Consult a relevant local authority or a qualified arborist for more detailed information as it applies to your situation.

QAA Queensland Arboricultural Assocation
NAAA National Arborists Association of Australia
How to Hire an Arborist Ohio State University
Leave Tree Trimming to Qualified Professionals Arid-Southwestern Gardening Information, University of Arizona
Removing tree stumps Royal New Zealand Institute of Horticulture
Vanishing Stumps Various ways to remove the stump of a felled tree. University of Florida
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Severe Pruning Injures Trees Arid-Southwestern Gardening Information, University of Arizona
The "Should Nots" of Pruning Arid-Southwestern Gardening Information, University of Arizona
The Why and When of Pruning Brooklyn Botantic Garden, New York
The Myth of Wound Dressings Washington State University (PDF)
Trees: formative pruning Royal Horticultural Society, UK
More about horticultural pruning in general on the Pruning page

Storm damage

Abiotic Diseases of Woody Ornamentals (Covers problems such as lightning strike, drought, hail damage, pollution and others) National Science Foundation Center for Integrated Pest Management, USA.
Lightning damage to trees

Specialist Pruning

Pollarding Royal Horticultural Society, UK
Pleached walks, tunnels and arbours Royal Horticultural Society, UK


Due to the way palms grow, how they are treated is different from typical woody trees
Be Prudent Pruning Palms Arid-Southwestern Gardening Information, University of Arizona
More about the care of palms onthe Palms page

More links about tree development and tree care here: Trees

Older news

Trees and roads living together
Mature banyan fig trees in Burke Street, Townsville, have been preserved throughout the works in that area, with the help of arborists and a sympathetic streescape design. Root barrier has been installed to prevent future damage to the road from the figs. Source: Technology saves historic banyans. (April 2011)

Laws on neighbours' trees to receive update
A draft copy of new laws designed to make disputes over trees and fences easier to resolve has been released for community consultation. It's hoped that the new laws will be better suited to the 21st century, with people today living in such close proximity. The draft bill includes clarification of the responsibilitites of the tree's owner. Read more at the Qld Govt website here: Neighbourhood disputes over trees and fences to be easier to resolve (May 2010)

Shady developments in Townsville
A number of trees removed from Flinders St Mall will be replanted in Reid Park, providing shade on the spectator mounds. The redeveloped Flinders St will retain some of the existing trees in addition to new trees. Source: Mall trees to provide shade at Reid Park (March 2010).

Technology may faciliate return of trees to urban spaces
The need for cool shady trees often conflicts with the need for car parking in ever-crowded cities. Cairns Regional Council is experimenting with an underground framework that will bear the load of traffic while providing uncompacted space for roots to grow. This will reduce the amount of space needed around each tree above ground, allowing large trees to grow without having to sacrifice a large amount of parking space. The system will be intially trialled on four trees on Hartley Street. More information: Plan to nurture shady street trees (February 2010)

Big Tree Database for Australia
Ever wondered how big the largest specimen of a tree species is, or where it's located? A National Register of Big Trees is now being established to collect such information for Australia. Members of the public will be able to nominate native or exotic trees of significance in parks and gardens as well as natural habitats. Learn more at the website: National Register of Big Trees

Reprieve for Bamford Lane trees
Townsville City Council have decided that forty-five fig trees slated for removal from Bamford Lane will be retained. Instead, it's hoped that regular pruning and the installation of root barriers will prevent the road damage that was occurring previously. Eight half-grown African mahogany trees which are already starting to cause damage will be replaced with more suitable species. Council has now banned the planting of African mahoganies as street trees in new subdivisions. Source: Council plan saves trees and road in Bamford Lane (August 2009)

Power lines make way for palms in Port Douglas
Cairns Regional Council have approved funds to replace the remaining overhead powerlines on Port Douglas Road with underground cables, saving the avenue of 27 African Oil Palms that were threatening power supply. Source: Iconic Palms preserved (May 2009)

Powerline unfriendly trees to be removed
Some trees on the Redcliffe peninsula presenting safety and maintenance problems will be removed by Energex. Where possible, they will be replaced by more appropriate alternatives. Source: Energex to replace problem trees (PDF) (April 2009).

Tree vandals, beware
A revised policy means Redlands City Council now has more options for deterring tree vandalism, and prosecuting those that do offend. Source: Council strengthens measures against tree vandalism (October, 2008)

Too many trees
Street trees planted too close together on Riverside Drive, Townsville, have now become a hazard to residents and infrastructure. The city's council, which is attributing the original overplanting to the developer, has produced a management plan that will include removal of some trees. Townsville City Council: Council plans to resolve Riverside street tree problem (June 2008)

Palm Cove melaleuca to go
At least one of the old melaleucas that are a feature of Williams Esplanade, Palm Cove is a public safety risk. Testing by arborists has indicated extensive disease at the base. It will be removed and replaced. Other large trees in the area will also be tested. More from Cairns Regional Council: Grand old tree too diseased to save (April, 2008)

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