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Advanced Plants

Extra-large plants can give an instant look of maturity to a landscape. This may be advantageous if you're selling your home soon, justifying the extra cost of using advanced plants. Another useful application is in providing instant hedges and screens. Otherwise, you may have to live with an unsightly view or lack of privacy for years.

Specialist nurseries & landscape professionals should know how to grow and plant advanced trees with a view to the long term health of the mature tree and the safety of people & property in the area. For example, containerised trees which are tall only because they have spent too long in regular pots may have developed permanent root problems. This means they may perform poorly after planting or grow on to become dangerously unstable.

Suppliers of advanced plants


The following advertisers may include online suppliers. For the most up-to-date information on plants in stock, opening hours, prices etc, be sure to visit the seller's website or contact the business directly.


Ph: (07) 4778 6344

Your Garden Online supplies native and exotic landscaping plants suitable for hot climates. All are sun-hardened and ready to plant.

Customers in Townsville & surrounding areas can have plants delivered or arrange pick-up. Delivery to customers outside this area (not WA, NT or Tas) is by arrangement.

Select from a range of groundcovers, accent plants, shrubs and trees, including ixoras, crotons, tabebuias and the Indian mast tree (subject to availability).

Trees come in advanced sizes. If you don't see the variety you want in stock, ask about the plant sourcing service.

Visit the Your Garden Online WEBSITE to learn more.

Currumbin Valley, Qld
Mob: 0488 372 649

Rare & Exotic Frangipanis is a boutique frangipani tree nursery catering to landscapers, developers and discerning residential property owners.

Large supply of evergreen frangipanis (Plumeria obtusa Singapore White) in various sizes as well as Plumeria rubra in scores of different colours, shapes and sizes.

Delivery to the Gold Coast can be arranged on a day and time that suits, with a purpose-built trailer designed to transport frangipanis up to 2m high in perfect condition. (Larger trees and deliveries to Brisbane by Plant Delivery Service).

Select your tree from the online picture gallery at the WEBSITE or call 0488 FRANGY to arrange a visit to the nursery.


Ph: (02) 6636 4225

The Laurels Nursery are conifer specialists, supplying Brisbane, southeast Qld, Darling Downs and N.NSW with a huge variety of conifer species and cutivars suitable for growing in these climatic zones.

Range extends from groundcovers to large trees and ornamental specimen plants to types for hedges, screens and windbreaks. Several varieties of pencil pine to choose from.

Some plants available as advanced stock. Pre-bonsai material also supplied.

Order by phone or visit the Northern NSW nursery by appointment. As well as information on varieties available, The Laurels Nursery WEBSITE has extensive advice on caring for conifers in a subtropical climate.


Burpengary, QLD
Ph: (07) 3888 1165
Fax: (07) 3888 9223
Mob: 0414 230 610
FrangiPlants produce Plumeria (Frangipani) in a range of colours and sizes from 140mm pots to 150 litre bags.

Pots, bags and cuttings are available to the nursery trade, landscapers and the public.

For more information, photo gallery and growing tips, visit the FrangiPlants WEBSITE.

More advertisers needed! This page is intended to let Queensland residents know where to buy advanced plant stock in Qld or services related to the relocation of mature living trees, as well as provide related background information. If you offer advanced trees or shrubs for sale to the public in Qld, let them know! Learn more about advertising on this site here: Advertising Information. Suitable businesses might include nurseries selling large potted plants (trees, shrubs, advanced accent specimens for instant landscapes) or companies which can arrange purchase, sale, removal or transport of mature or semi-mature established trees and shrubs from tree farms or private gardens.

Can't find a supplier? Until a greater range of advertisers can be presented here, you're welcome to send an enquiry directly to the webmaster, who may (no promises) be able to help you individually provided you live in Qld or are looking for a nursery located in Qld: email an enquiry. It's also worth asking nearby garden centres if they can order plants for you.

Other Information Online

These links are provided for general information and research. Note that some of the plants or products discussed in links below may be unavailable in Australia or may not be suitable for our conditions.

Transplanting of advanced trees Department of Natural Resources and Mines, Queensland (PDF)

Remember, some of the specific details contained in international links may not necessarily apply under local conditions.
Valuation of Landscape Trees Utah State University
Transplanting Trees and Shrubs North Dakota State University
Transplanting Palms University of Florida
Trees: Staking recent transplants North Carolina State University
Planting techniques for trees and shrubs North Carolina State University
Transplanting Small Trees Iowa State University of Science and Technology
Transplanting Mature Pecan Trees New Mexico State University
Proper Mulching of Landscape Trees International Society of Arboriculture, United Kingdom and Ireland chapter
The use of chemicals to control root growth in container stock: A literature review. Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (reproduced online from: Johnson, F. 1996. The use of chemicals to control root growth in container stock: A literature review. OMNR, Northeast Science & Technology. TR-026, 20p.)
The Myth of Curative Kelp How useful are seaweed extracts? Washington State University (PDF)
The Myth of Phosphate Fertilizer Does phosphate fertilizer stimulate root growth of transplanted trees and shrubs? Washington State University (PDF)
The Myth of Fragile Roots Is distrubing the rootball when transplanting trees and shrubs harmful? Washington State University (PDF)
The Myth of Antitranspirants Do antitranspirants prevent drought stress in newly planted trees and shrubs? Washington State University (PDF)
Greening the city of West TorrensTreenet. Proceedings of the Inaugural Street Tree Symposium (2000) Includes some comparisons of smaller versus larger stock (PDF)

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Older News

Big Tree Database for Australia
Ever wondered how big the largest specimen of a tree species is, or where it's located? A National Register of Big Trees is now being established to collect such information for Australia. Members of the public will be able to nominate native or exotic trees of significance in parks and gardens as well as natural habitats. Learn more at the website: National Register of Big Trees

Hervey Bay has tree-lined vision
Hervey Bay City Council have arranged to have 41 six-metre high fig trees planted as part of a strategy to develop an entrance statement for the city. It's possible that grey water might be used to irrigate these and other trees. Read more at the Council's website here: Avenue of figs at entrance to the Bay.
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