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Camellia species and cultivars

Family: Theaceae

Internationally, Camellias are generally considered "warm" climate plants, but hot or dry conditions, especially at the wrong times, cause problems. It's wise to do some research into the best types for your area, and what you can do to help them perform.

The Japonica group are well known in temperate climates and may be grown successfully in the cooler areas of Queensland. You may also encounter the reticulatas and various other species in hybrids in gardening books from the Northern hemisphere. However, the sasanqua group of Camellias (C. sasanqua and some related varieties) are generally recommended for the subtropics.

During the camellia flowering season, be sure to visit the Brisbane Botanic Gardens at Mt Coot-tha which has an extensive camellia garden, and the Queensland Camellia Society's annual show at Mt Coot-tha in July (check the Events Diary for dates).

Buying Camellias in Qld


Most garden centres will carry some camellias. The best time to shop is the autumn and early winter when plants are coming into flower and retailers have the greatest range in stock. The other advantage of buying plants in flower is you can see the flower colour for yourself instead of relying on the label.

The following advertisers may include online suppliers. For the most up-to-date information on plants in stock, opening hours, prices etc, be sure to visit the seller's website or contact the business directly.


176 Long Road,
Eagle Heights, Qld 4271
Ph: (07) 5545 4999
Tambourine Mountain Nursery offers a range of beautiful plants, specialising in classic temperate-climate species and many others that are difficult to find elsewhere in the Brisbane/Gold Coast region.

Range includes plants such as camellias, wisterias, conifers, acers, brugmansias, gingko, birches, liquidambar, viburnums, michelias plus a many varieties of evergreen and deciduous magnolias. White, variegated and portwine jacarandas.

Phone ahead to confirm availablity or arrange an order. Wholesale and retail.

Most general garden centres in suitable regions will probably stock some camellias. However, Queensland gardeners looking for a wider selection of cultivars or something special may have trouble. If you're a speciallist camellia nursery in Qld (including mail order or online nurseries supplying plants to this state), please get in touch about advertising on this page.

More Information

Following are some cultivars available in Queensland. Over time, more cultivars and associated information and links will be added to the page with the aim of developing a good resource for Qld gardeners.

Sasanqua (or Sasanqua-like) cultivars
Beatrice Emily
Bert Jones
Jenifer Susan
Miss Ed
Plantation Pink
Red Willow
Something Special
Sparkling Burgundy

Buttons 'N Bows
Japonica cultivars
Alba Plena
Betty Sheffield
Brushfield's Yellow
Can Can
Commander Mulroy
Dixie Knight
Great Eastern
Lady Loch
Laura Walker
Laurie Bray
Margaret Davies
Maroon and Gold
Nuccio's Gem
Red Red Rose
Tomorrow's Dawn

Camellias in the Landscape

Camellia Camellia
Sunnybank Hills, April 2013Closeup of blossom of plant at left
Camellia, vegetative buds commencing growth. September, 2012
Camellia (Sunnybank Hills April 2013)
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More Online Information

The following links are for general information. Some species or cultivars referred to in international publications may be unavailable in Australia, and other details might be not applicable.
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International Camellia Society (ICS) This should be your first port of call. From the home page click on "International" to access excellent general information. Branches in many countries including Australia, also accessible from the home page
Camellias at a Glance University of Florida
Camellias brighten winter landscapes LSU AgCenter, Louisiana
Sazanka - the Flower of Autumn Sun Website dedicated to the Sasanqua group (C. sasanqua, C. x hiemalis and C. x vernalis), which the Japanese call Sazanka. Extensive information.
Sazanka A blog about camellias, emphasis on sasanquas
Camellia sasanqua Nassau County Extension, Florida
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Sasanquas usher in camellia season University of Florida (PDF)
A favourite early camellia Camellia sasanqua 'Mine-No-Yuki'. Mount Tomah Botanic Garden
Delicate Blooms C. transnokoensis, C. sasanqua 'Hiryu', C.sasanqua 'Jennifer Susan', C. sasanqua 'Setsugekka'. Mount Tomah Botanic Garden
'Rosea' Sazanka Camellia at Paghat's Garden website. Includes some interesting information about the history of cultivation of C. sasanqua
Camellia at the Plants & Japan website
Camellia Homepage By Yasunori Kanda. Hundreds of photos of camellias, mostly taken in parks and gardens in Japan
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Camellia Culture for Southern California Reproduction of a 1971 article. The Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanic Garden
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Shishi Gashira camellia garners fall medallion Office of Agricultural Communications Mississippi State University, USA
Camellialand: A Passing Fancy Post about the Descanso Gardens (California) camellia collection at the Human Flower Project

Camellia PropagationThe International Camellia Society
Camellia Rooting Database, University of California, Davis
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Camellia japonica Landscape Plant Propagation Information, University of Florida
Overcoming Seed Dormancy: Trees and Shrubs (includes notes on Camellia) N.C. State University, North Carolina

Possible misspellings: camelia, cameelia, cameellia, camillia

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