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Cannas were popular years ago when bedding schemes in public parks were still in vogue. However, Cannas are making a comeback with the recent interest in colourful tropical gardens, with flowers and leaves in a variety of bright colours and bold shapes. They're also very fast growing, which makes them great for quick effects.

The downside of fast growth is that more maintenance will be required to keep them looking good (compared to some other plants). They may have to be lifted and thinned out regularly to keep them under control. Also, they tend to die down in winter.

For easy management, try growing them in containers. Try them tucked into the garden, or more prominently displayed in feature pots. Remove spent flowers and leaves to keep them tidy during the growing season. When the foliage goes off in winter, the container can be moved and replaced by something else. You can also divide the clumps and refresh the plants more easily when they are in containers, and they can't spread excessively.

Cannas are available in a range of heights, flower colours and foliage colours. Some of the most in-demand varieties have muli-coloured foliage which are a feature in themselves, the flowers being a bonus. Rights holders of new Canna varieties are invited to get in touch to discuss advertising on this page (contact details below)

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Where to buy Cannas

You should be able to find potted cannas for sale in garden centres, but you may also rhizomes packaged alongside the bulbs of garden departments at certain times.

If you supply canna plants, rhizomes or seeds for sale to the public in Queensland, you'll find more information about advertising on this website here: Information for advertising.

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