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Clivia species, hybrids and cultivars

Family: Amaryllidaceae

Ideal for a sophisticated warm-climate garden, especially in those difficult spots under trees. Attractive year-round foliage is a bonus.

Clivia enthusiasts are working hard to expand the colour range and flowers are now available on a range of shades from creams and yellows through pinks and peaches through orange to reds. They are also working on bigger blooms, bicoloured flowers, variegated foliage, dwarf foliage and other variations.

The clivias familiar to most gardeners are derived from Clivia miniata, but there are other species. Breeders are also developing these and their hybrids for new flower forms and colours.

Orange-flowered types are the most common to date, but the cream and yellow cultivars are becoming more widely available. Peach, pink and red varieties are still difficult to obtain and you will almost certanly need to contact a specialist clivia nursery for these.

Where to buy Clivia in Qld


Regular garden centres in warm parts of Qld will probably have some potted Clivia plants for sale. Those wanting to buy named cultivars, hard-to-get colours, rare species, seed, large numbers etc. will need for seek out a specialist supplier.

Advertisers below may include online suppliers. For the most up-to-date information on plants in stock, opening hours, prices etc, be sure to visit the seller's website or contact the business directly.


Ph: (07) 5494 5334
Mob: 0403 251727


Habitat Nursery is based on the Sunshine Coast and can supply wholesale quanitites of orange, peach and yellow clivias.

Clivia seedlings sent by post throughout Queensland and interstate (not WA or Tas). Clivia plants in pot sizes up to 250mm are available from the nursery for trade customers (landscapers and retailers).

Also supplying rhapis palms.

Visit the Habitat Nursery WEBSITE for more information.

P.O. Box 5016
Brassall Qld 4305
Ph: (07) 5464 3976

Pine Mountain Nursery are suppliers of warm climate bulbs, specialising in clivia and agapanthus.

Clivias in many colours and forms can be purchased. The nursery hybridises its own clivias from superior genetic stock and can supply Clivia seed.

Agapanthus on offer also includes varieties bred in Queensland by the nursery. Varieties in a range of flower colours and growth habit available.

Also, a selection of other bulbs, gingers, liriope and mondo grass including mondo strips.

Plants sent by mail order to Qld, NSW, ACT, Vic and SA. Visits by appointment or check the Pine Mountain Nursery WEBSITE for display days, plus information and advice.

For bulb nurseries (which might also stock clivias), check the general Bulbs page.

This section is intended for nurseries that can supply Clivias to residents of Qld (including online and mail order nurseries). If you operate a nursery that specialises in Clivia or regularly offers interesting Cliveas cultivars as part of your range, you may wish to consider advertising here. More information about advertising.

More Online Information

The following links are for general information, research and ideas - some species or cultivars may be unavailable in Australia. Many of these have picture galleries which will open your eyes to the variety of cliveas in cultivation.
Cliviasmith including information on the Clivia Society and Cultivar Registration (Australia)
Joan's Clivia Obsession Australian website with lots of pictures of clivias in many colours
The Clivia Society based in South Africa
CLIVIAN A Japanese website (in English) giving some information on clivia breeding in that country
Clivia Growing Tips Toowoomba Clivia Society Inc
The Clivia Quarterly January, February, March 2004 - Volume II, Number 1 (Includes tips for seed germination) North American Clivia Society (PDF)
Clivias: Poor flowering Kumbula database of Indigenous South African Flora
Clivia species by Di Mathews Melbourne Clivia Group Inc.
An introduction to Interspecific hybrids Melbourne Clivia Group Inc.
Clivia Mutations and Colour Variation Some information on the scientific basis of clivia breeding, At Drieses Garden, South Africa
Variegation in Clivia Melbourne Clivia Group Inc.
Growing variegates by Helen Marriott Melbourne Clivia Group Inc.
Clivia gardenii Hook. South African National Biodiversity Institute
Clivia caulescens R.A.Dyer South African National Biodiversity Institute
Clivia miniata [Lindl.] Regel South African National Biodiversity Institute
Clivia mirabilis Rourke South African National Biodiversity Institute
Clivia nobilis Lindl South African National Biodiversity Institute
Clivia x Kewensis 'Vico Yellow' Article about how this famous yellow cultivar arose, by the breeder Sir Peter Smithers at the Shields Gardens (Indiana) website
Clivia Giant Yellow X Entry at the "Growing With Plants" blog
Yellow Clivia Post at "Albert's Greenhouse" blog
Clivia 'Hammet Moonglow' Royal New Zealand Institute of Horticulture
Trumpeting clivia Story about the recent popularity of clivias from The San Diego Union-Tribune available at the University of California Irvine website (PDF)
Notes on poisoning: Clivia miniata Canadian Poisonous Plants Information System

Possible misspelling: Clivea, Cliveia


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Unknown clivia cultivar Unknown clivia cultivar
Unknown cultivar. Early October, Brisbane 2016

Unknown clivia cultivar
Unknown cultivar. Mid September, Brisbane 2013

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