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Artificial plants

This page is intended to display information about businesses (including online and mail order) that have artificial plants available for sale or hire to the public in Queensland, including artificial grass. If you supply such products, please get in touch.

Suppliers of Artificial plants to Qld

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If you have a company (including mail order or online shops) that offers artificial plants for sale or hire at the retail level, you may wish to advertise here. More about advertising.

Some ideas for using artificial plants

Some amazingly life-like plants are on the market today, mimicking many popular cultivated species. Some are available in quite large sizes up to the size of small trees, so an impressive, and instant, display is possible.

While most will not be suitable for prolonged use outdoors (ask your supplier or consult directions that come with your plants), they may be good alternatives for indoor situations or temporary placements undercover.

Fake plants are predictable, clean, low-maintenance and easy to store and transport, compared to real plants. In commercial buildings they'll be popular, of course, as maintenance or replacement costs of real plants accumulates over time. Also, artificial plants can be used to decorate functions such as weddings or conferences, commercial displays such as trade show exhibits, or even as theatrical props.

For one-off or short-term use, hire rather than purchase of the plants may be an option, especially if large numbers are required.

In residential homes, most people would prefer live plants, and are prepared to put a little effort into their care. Nevertheless, there may be dark corners or hard-to-reach ledges etc where it's easier install fake plants than manage real ones. If guests can't get close enough for a thorough examination, they might not suspect a thing!

With low rainfall and watering restrictions being such a problem these days, many people are now considering artificial grass to ensure a green lawn all year round. Synthetic turf products currently on the market are promoted as greatly improved over the fake grass you might remember from decades ago. While replacing the lawn of an entire suburban property might not be for everyone, artificial grass might be worth investigating in certain situations like commercial premises, play areas, or creating gardens on top of hard surfaces.

More Online Information

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