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Artificial Rocks

Real rocks in the landscape present many obvious difficulties with respect to availability, handling and installation. Artificial rocks can overcome many of these limitations.

One option is to construct rocks on-site from concrete and other materials, either doing it yourself (if you have suffient know-how and artistic ability), or by engaging a professional. Another is to select from the variety of prefabricated modules available on the market.

Simulated rocks and related products & services


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One of the titles available
Learn how to make realistic artificial rocks for your garden with Australian faux rock expert, Keith Tutor. Three titles are now available on DVD:

"Make Fabulous Artificial Rock" details the construction of solid artificial rocks. The followup DVD "Make Waterfalls in Artificial Rock - Part 1" demonstrates the building of a compact Waterfall in a home backyard.

"Make Hollow Artificial Rock & Transportable Boulders" details the construction of hollow, framed artificial rocks.

Visit Keith's WEBSITE to view examples of what can be achieved with his rockmaking techniques. You'll also find more information about his DVDs, including how to purchase.

Calling manufacturers and distributors of artificial rocks, and authors of how-to books and videos !

Do you make or sell natural-looking simulated stones or fake rocks (boulders, waterfalls, walls, cliffs, slabs etc) for outdoor landscape use, whether prefabricated or custom-made? (Some may also be suitable for indoor installations or displays.)

If you're located in Queensland or can supply this state, this page is the place to showcase your products.

Suppliers of do-it-yourself (DIY) materials suitable for home made artifical rocks (cement, oxides, moulds, resins, etc) as well as how-to books, videos and DVDs may also advertise here. For more information, Click Here

More Online Information

Cement Concrete & Aggregates Australia presents Concrete Basics for beginners in addition to extensive information for professionals
Faux Bolders DIY Information on how to make on make fake rocks from TaDeGe Koi And Water Garden, Florida
The Pulham Legacy Website about the English landscaping company of the 1800s and early 1900's, James Pulham and Son. One of their specialities was the creation of artifical rock from rubble and cement when natural stone was not available

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