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Gerbera species and cultivars

Family: Asteraceae

These are old garden favourites which have become very popular again as cut flowers and potted gifts. However, these varieties won't necessarily perform in the ordinary garden.

Many people have contacted this website looking for a nursery selling Bauer gerberas AKA Baueri Bundabegia gerberas. This was a range of varieties with large, double flowers on strong stems that was bred in Bundaberg. Unfortunately, there does not appear to be anyone selling these plants to the public in Australia any more. (If you know of anyone who is, please get in touch!)

A patent was associated with these plants, which meant they could not be traded without permission. This was before the current Plant Breeders Rights system was in place, but nevertheless it does appear to have prevented the plants persisting in the retail nursery trade after the rights were bought out by cut flower growers.

If you already own a Bauer variety, please take care of it as it is now a rare plant.

A few years ago, the Garvinia range was introduced for landscaping use. However, these are a different style of gerbera plant, the emphasis being on hardiness in the garden and number of flowers rather than fancy individual flowers.

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