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Outdoor Living Accessories

including furniture, hammocks, umbrellas, rugs, BBQs & ovens

This page is intended for information about accessories used for relaxation or entertaining in the garden or on verandahs, patios and decks. It's also intended to present a variety of merchants supplying such products to Qld.

Thatched huts and Balinese-themed items are dealt with on a different page: Balinese Style Gardens, although some of the suppliers below may also supply some within their range.

Shadehouses specifically for growing plants are dealt with here: Shadehouses, Arches, Trellis


Blending Still Trending

U.S. renovation website surveyed experts in the field of home and landscape construction to get a handle on the most popular outdoor living improvements among American homeowners. After the pandemic experience, interest in outdoor living was stronger than ever. The experts think these spaces will only be getting bigger in the future, with clients willing to invest money that they haven't been able to spend on travel. As far as features go, it seems the things that clients are requesting is in line with trends over the last few years - indoor/outdoor blending with sliding or folding doors, accessories to extend use of outdoor spaces throughout the seasons (shade for summer, heaters and firepits for winter) and outdoor kitchens. There was a preference for ground-level patios over decks. Accessibility to the rest of the yard was cited as one of the advantages of patios. Source: 2021 Trends for Outdoor Living Spaces (May 2021)

Brisbane Warms to Fire Pits

Following the winter trial and strong community response, Brisbane City Council has decided that its residents may continue to use fire pits and braziers. However, they must not present a fire or smoke hazard and must not be used when there are fire bans in place. You can get more information about what's allowed, including design, placement and fuels, at the Council website here: Brazier and fire pit heating trial. Earlier in 2020 many Brisbane residents were surprised to learn that fire pits had not actually been permitted previously. It would be worth checking the website before you light up again next winter, as the law is yet to be formally amended. Residents in other council jurisdictions should check with their own local authority. (September 2020)

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Choosing outdoor furniture

When selecting outdoor furniture, there are a number of factors to take account of. On the practical side, consider:

Space available. Include comfortable use of the items and manoeuvring around them. An occupied dining setting can take a lot of space and still require additional leeway for serving and general circulation

Durability. This will be influenced by the amount of exposure the items will have. More robust materials and construction are likely to be more expensive

Care required. Some materials may require maintenance (such as oiling of timber) which will in turn affect durability.

Comfort and safety. Items which you genuinely expect to use regularly obviously have to be good to use. If an item is too hard and cold, does not dry out fast enough after rain, is of the wrong height or is hard to get in and out of, you'll be you're discouraged from using it and wasted your money.

On the aesthetic side, consider:

The style of your home and garden (modern, traditional, formal, eclectic, rustic, resort-style etc)

Colours of exisiting walls, fences etc nearby

Furniture as art Will the furniture be a feature (e.g. colorful or ornate) or a more low-key addition to the space

More thoughts and ideas...

The trend for "outdoor living" continues to grow around the globe. The line between "indoors" and "outdoors" is becoming increasingly blurred as people are opening up their homes and creating new living areas on patios, decks and in gardens, allowing them to cook, dine, work or just relax "al fresco".

If you work from home, outdoor rooms will allow a refreshing change of scene without having to venture too far from the office. Laptops and mobile phones help make work portable.

Make any weekend a holiday by turning your backyard into your own personal holiday resort. Many Queensland homes already have a swimming pool. Even if you don't, you can still create a tropical ambience at home with furniture for lounging, colourful drinks and some tropical plants and accessories. More ideas for creating a tropical themes here: Tropilocus.

Whether understated or over-the-top, having a theme in mind will be a useful aid when selecting from a vast range of outdoor accessories available.

Suitable lighting will extend the use of your outdoor living areas into the night, which is especially important if you plant to entertain. You can also create special effects with artistic use of coloured lights, highlighting of feature trees or architectural elements, or underwater lights in pools or water features. (Obviously, be sure that any electrical equipment used outside the home is suitable for the purpose, and installed by qualified and licensed professionals as necessary.)

Under a covered deck or patio, furniture and other accessories may not need to be as quite as tough as those designed for full outdoor use. However, they are likely to be exposed to more adverse conditions (dust, reflected UV, moisture, insects etc) than they would be indoors. So, these are not not the places for your most precious pieces, perhaps. Also, security can be an issue. Sadly, there's always the chance of theft or vandalism in accessible areas.

Residents of cool climates are adding fireplaces and heaters to their outdoor areas. For most Queenslanders, sun shading will be a more pressing need. If you're building a new home, you have the oppportunity to work with sun and shade in the orientation and design of the building. Most people have to work with an exisiting construction, but there are still many ways to add shade, from patio extensions to umbrellas, and in a variety of materials. Louvres or retractable awnings offer more control for winter sun and summer shade, which might also help to regulate temperatures inside the house.

If you do decide to add heating or cooking equipment to your patio, fire bans and smoke restrictions might affect your options. Check with local authorities if necessary. Another environmental problem in many parts of Queensland are storms and even cyclones. Remember to secure or safety store loose items in advance.

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Mixed Messages From Alluring Orchid

Females of most mosquito species need to consume animal blood to produce eggs. What's less well known is that adults of both sexes feed on plant sugars, including floral nectar. Some plants in turn use the mosquitoes as pollinators. One of these is a Northern Hemisphere orchid called Platanthera obtusata, which advertises its nectar by emitting an alluring scent. Scientists investigating this relationship have found that it's a mixture of different odour compounds in exactly the right proportions that does the trick, even though some of the individual ingredients have a repulsive effect in isolation. They also found that one of the repellent chemicals lights up the same parts of the mosquito brain as DEET. Perhaps an orchid-inspired compound could provide an effective (and better-smelling) alternative for personal insect protection in the future. Source: Mosquitoes are drawn to flowers as much as people - and now scientists know why. (January 2020)

Renovators look outdoors
A poll of Archicentre architects indicates outdoor living additions are becoming popular among Australian renovators (Daylight Saving a Boost to the Outside Room Trend. (October 2008)

The American landscape, 2008
Spring Makeover for Your Landscape gives an overview of landscape trends in the USA. University of Illinois Extension (March 2008)

Americans to pursue yet more elaborate outdoor living
Leading American landscape architects are predicting a demand for outdoor living rooms and dining rooms in addition to the outdoor kitchens which have become so popular in recent years, according to the American Society of Landscape Architects. Read more at their website: Landscape Architects Identify Outdoor Design Trends For 2008

Deadly Decks Warning After Collapses in VIC and NSW Archicentre, Royal Australian Institute of Architects (December 2007)

Outdoor Living Space and Amenities Increasing in Popularity About the 2006 Home Design Trends Survey by the The American Institute of Architects
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