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With outdoor living areas becoming more important to Queenslanders, many homeowners don't want an ugly tool shed spoiling the scene. On the other hand, most of us require some additional storage space, especially for garden and outdoor equipment. Fortunately, there are many options for attractive and efficient storage. Don't forget security, either, as the cost of replacing your garden equipment and other items could be substantial.

These days, many people are also looking for extra spaces to work, whether a hobby workshop, art studio or work-from-home office. These may be converted sheds or more sophisticated purpose-built structures.

Looking for a solar powered shed light? See Garden Lighting

Do YOU sell garden sheds in or to Qld? Advertise here! This page is intended to help members of the public learn where to buy garden sheds and other garden storage systems in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and the rest of Queensland. Besides suppliers of sheds (metal or timber, prefabricated, DIY or custom built), please get in touch if you make other lockable and weatherproof cabinents, lockers and boxes, or other items which might make storage of garden tools more efficient in the garage or shed such as racks, hooks or shelving systems that are offered for sale to Qld residents. Vendors of freestanding cabins suitable for use as backyard offices or studios may also appear here. Information for advertisers

Other Information Online

The following are for general information and ideas. Be sure to check with local authorities with regard to rules and regulations that apply to the construction/installation of sheds, carports and other garden structures in your area. Links to many councils in Qld are provided on the Regional pages.

Practical matters
Fire safety hazards in garages and sheds. Queensland Fire and Rescue Service
Thieves grab gardening goodies A warning about shed security from NRMA Insurance, Australia
Project Pembee: First stop - Shed. JAW from Western Australia descibes how he approached his shed assembly
Project Shed: Shelving and Projects Shed: Bench JAW tells us how he did it
American Galvanizers Association Lots of information about galvanised steel available at this website
Kit Homes Nation-Wide Including freestanding granny flats

Ideas for disguising a shed
Sheds aren't usually pretty, but there are a number of things you can do to reduce the visual impact. For example:
» if installing a shed, first ask if you really need one. Or can you get by with a smaller one, and downsize the clutter instead?
» dark colours (shadowy dark greens or greys) less obtrustive than pastels or silver metal
» or perfectly colour match nearby walls or fences
» vegetation alone or on a trellis
» coverups such as bamboo or reed screening products
A combination of above could be used eg. a dark shed with interesting tropical foliage in planted in front to distract the eye and break up the outline of the shed. Note that vegetation or materials on the shed could possibly encourage pests etc.

Uneven ground
The typical backyard shed is bolted onto a concrete slab, but if you have uneven ground, you might consider a shed on a raised floor on posts. An added advantage is you won't be left with a massive slab to dispose of if you decide to remove the shed later. Obviously, such construction is better suited to small dometic sheds and lightweight storage needs than large loadbearing.

Community sheds
Shed clubs allow the sharing of tools and working space, plus social and educational opportunities. For more information visit the Australian Men's Sheds Association - (AMSA) website.

Flaunt your shed
Rather than hide their sheds, some people turn their outbuildings into something spectacular. Check out:
The Garden Shed Hall of Fame Some spectactular examples of sheds from around the world UK website where "sheddies" can find photos, shed competition, shed blog and more Blog associated with Readers Sheds and home of the Shed of the Year Competition
The Tin Shed Observatory An illustrated account of how an astronomy enthusiast converted an ordinary garden shed into an observatory

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