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Plectranthus and Coleus

species, hybrids and cultivars

Family: Lamiaceae

Two closely related genera. Many species have moved between these at various times as taxonomists try to sort the group out, resulting in many synonyms.

The two genera contains a plethora of species grown for ornamental purposes, usually for the foliage but sometimes the flowers are also a feature.

The colourful bedding plant commonly called coleus (Coleus scutellarioides) has a separate page: Coleus (bedding plant). This page will look at other Coleus species thatmight be grown in Queensland in addition to Plectranthus

Coleus neochilus

The following plants have been tentatively identified as Coleus neochilus (formerly Plectranthus neochilus), although its likely they were sold as Coleus caninus or Coleus canina for their supposed cat or dog repellent properties.

coleus_neochilus coleus_neochilus coleus_neochilus
coleus_neochilus coleus_neochilus
Coleus neochilus

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