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Synonyms: Hemizygia
Family: Lamiaceae

Hemizygia is now classified as Syncolostemon, although it is widely known by the former name.

Whether Hemizygia 'Pink Kisses' (misspelled as Hemezia in Australia) is a distinct cultivar or just a marketing name for a species is unclear. The popular variegated cultivar 'Candy Kisses' arose as a mutation of 'Pink Kisses' and is described as a Hemizygia hybrid, but the parental species are not identified by the breeder. It seems possible that both could simply be forms of Hemizygia obermeyerae (Syncolostemon obermeyerae), which is a fairly well-known garden plant internationally, if not in Australia.

Most Syncolostemon species, including S. obermeyerae, come from Africa originally.

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