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In the links section below you'll find some general information about pruning.

If you're looking for information on how to prune a particular species, check the page that deals with that plant group in more detail. There could be more specific information there. Check the list here: Plants.

More links about tree pruning here: Trees. See also Arborists

More about hedges, topiary and other specialised techniques here: Hedges and Topiary

More about pruning tools and places to buy them: Tools

Other Information Online

There's more about pruning of large trees on the Trees page.
A Pruning Fact Sheet The Australian Plants Society - NSW Region (PDF)
Principles of Pruning Association of Societies for Growing Australian Plants
Shrub Pruning Arizona Cooperative Extension, Yavapai County
When to Prune Flowering Shrubs Texas A&M University
When to Prune Flowering Shrubs Fort Valley State University, Georgia
Pinching and Pruning - A Perennial Primer University of Illinois Extension
Pruning to Rejuvenate Association of Societies for Growing Australian Plants
Reclaiming Old Shrubs and Small Trees Fort Valley State University, Georgia
Shrubs: renovation Royal Horticultural Society, UK
Trees: formative pruning Royal Horticultural Society, UK
PlantAmnesty's mission is to "end the senseless torture and mutilation of trees and shrubs." Not all the information on this American site will be locally applicable, but the regional pruning guide for Hawaii. Lists many familiar plants. There's also more good information listed under Pruning Tips.
Pruning landscape trees and shrubs College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources free publication, University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA
Pruning Woody Landscape Plants University of Maine
Forming Shrubs Into Small Trees Arid-Southwestern Gardening Information, University of Arizona

The Myth of Wound Dressings Washington State University (PDF)
Disinfecting Your Garden Tools University of Florida
Sanitizing Pruning Tools - March 14, 2012 University of Arizona Cooperative Extension
The Myth of Cloroxed Clippers Is bleach a good way to sterilise pruning tools? Washington State University (PDF)
More about pruning tools and their care on the Garden Tools page.


Pruning could affect DNA

Endoreduplication is the process of chromosome duplication without cell division and a new study has shown that a plant's ability to do this after damage may contribute to its chances of survival. The extra DNA may speed up the rate at which proteins can be manufactured, as well as make individual cells bigger. In the study, which compared two cultivars of Arabidopsis, the one which exhibited endoreduplication was able to to this actually able to quickly regrow and increase its seed production after clipping. (source: Some plants duplicate their DNA to overcome adversity (August 2011). This may have evolved as a response to grazing pressure. If found in other plants, however, the implications for modern-day horticulture, will be obvious.

To develop and maintain a tree with a single, clean trunk, keep an eye out for basal shots and remove promptly

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