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Sweet Pea

Lathyrus odoratus cutivars and hybrids

Family: Leguminosae (Fabaceae)

More information coming in future updates of this page. meanwhile, check the links provided below more more information about sweet peas.

Information online

While reading material from the Northern Hemisphere, bear in mind that in cool climates, sweets peas are grown in the warm months. It's too hot in Australia for that, so we grow them from autumn through to spring. This requires varieties that will flower during short days. Sweet pea and Lathyrus species information site
2005 Year of the Sweet Pea Colorado State University
2005: Year of the Sweet Pea Missouri Environment and Garden, University of Missouri
Sweet Peas Texas Cooperative Extension
Sweet Peas From Seed Texas Cooperative Extension
2005: Year of the Sweet Pea National Garden Bureau
Sweet Peas - A Flower Garden Favorite Washington State University Clark County Extension
Roger Parsons Sweet Peas - Articles Extensive information by a professional British producer of Sweet Pea seed
How I Grow Exhibition Sweet Peas An thorough and well-illustrated post describing an enthusiast's methods (including layering) at the Allotment Garden blog, UK
Lathyrus odoratus (PDF) at the Australian Weeds and Livestock website, NSW (discusses toxicity of weeds and other plants to animals)
Notes on poisoning: Lathyrus odoratus sweet pea Canadian Poisonous Plants Information System
A study of the genus Lathyrus Subtitled: "The sweet pea in botany and horticulture, classification of garden varieties of the sweet pea, winter flowering sweet peas" 1911 Cornell University PhD Thesis, at the Internet Archive

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