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Solenostemon hybrids

Family: Lamiaceae

Colourful coleus are among those old-fashioned plantswhich have been rediscovered and given a "makeover', with many named cultivars now available in the United States. Many of these have improved characteristics compared to the common types of older gardens. Some named lines are on sale here in Australia and hopefully more will come onto the market in the future.

Coleus are very useful for providing quick, easy, and prolonged colour in formal and informal gardens, including the modern Balinese-influenced garden style currently popular.

This group is no longer classified in the genus Coleus, being moved into Solenostemon, but is still commonly known as Coleus.

Where to buy Coleus in Qld

Colourful coleus is available from most garden centres. Look in the seedling section for mixed coleus in punnets. Many also stock larger plants for instant colour.

Packets of mixed coleus seed are also available in some seed ranges, and is a cheap way to build up your stock of plants with a variety of colours.

Named cultivars are sometimes available as plants. More superior new selections are likely to make their way onto the Australian market in the years to come, so keep an eye out.

Any nursery that regularly offers named varieties of coleus for sale in Qld (including mail order and online suppliers) may like to consider advertising on this page (More information about advertising).

More Online Information

The following are for general information, research and ideas - some species or cultivars referred to in links may be unavailable in Australia or unsuitable for Queensland conditions
The following links are for general information, research and ideas. Some species or cultivars may be unavailable in Australia
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