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Garden Designers

Even if you have ideas about the garden you wish to create, a professional garden designer can help you with approriate plant selection and layout. They should be able to point out good features in the landscape to enhance, or bad features to disguise, while making good use of available space. They should also take into account the ongoing maintenance required and your abilities/budget.

While there is some cost involved in hiring a designer, your garden is an investment. Good advice could help you avoid expensive mistakes. Lost growing time also results from having to to move or replace unsuitable plants.

This page is intended to let the residents of Queensland know about Garden Designers / Garden Design Services / Landscape Designers / Garden Consultants / Garden Planners available.


Plant to reduce crime

Contary to the notion that vegetation may encourage crime by providing cover for perpetrators, a study in Philadelphia has shown that even after accounting for factors such as poverty and education levels, areas of the city with grass, shrubs and trees were associated with lower crime, especially robberies and assaults. The authors suggest greenery might encourage a greater degree on community interaction and supervision as well as having a calming effect. Source: Urban vegetation deters crime in Philadelphia (March 2013)

Where the rubber hits the roses

The UK's RAC Foundation has estimated that seven million British front gardens have been converted into parking for cars, about a third of dwellings that originally had a front plot: Seven million front gardens disappear to make way for cars (July 2012)

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Garden Designers and Related Services

May include online suppliers. For the most up-to-date information on plants in stock, opening hours, prices etc, be sure to visit the seller's website or contact the business directly.


Ph: (07) 3341 5214
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A/H: (07) 3341 3430
Whether you're revamping an established garden or starting from scratch, Wombat Horticultural Services can devise a plant list or garden design to suit local conditions and your needs. With 25 years experience in horticulture, selection of the right plants for your garden is a speciality.

Advice on all garden-related matters. Pest and disease identification and soil testing. Garden cleanups, planting and maintenance can also be organised.

Servicing Brisbane southern and eastern suburbs and Redland Shire. Reasonable rates for all services. Phone Carolyn on 3341 5214 or mobile 0415 115 246 for more information or to arrange an onsite consultation.

Some garden centres may also offer garden design services or be able to put you in touch with garden designers in your local area.

If you're a professional garden designer in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, or anywhere else in Qld, more information about the inexpensive and targeted advertising available in the directory above (or elsewhere on the site) can be found here. Nurseries offering garden plans as well as independent garden designers may apply.

Other Information Online

The following are for general information and ideas. Your own garden design will be greatly influenced by the particulars of your climate and other aspects of local environment in addition to your house style, personal lifestyle, municipal regulations etc.

How to design your garden Tips from Brisbane City Council
Garden and outdoor living areas Example of "Smart Housing", Department of Public Works, Queensland Government
Australian Garden Design A collection of articles about designing gardens, with particular reference to Australian native plants. Association of Societies for Growing Australian Plants
Planning or Designing a Garden - Is there any Difference? Association of Societies for Growing Australian Plants
Garden Design Some general garden design advice from the Australian Plants Society, Victoria
Ellis Stones: Landscape Architect Article about this prominent Australian figure. Association of Societies for Growing Australian Plants
Designing a Garden - The Lang Approach Association of Societies for Growing Australian Plants
The Late Inclusion of Trees in Garden Design Association of Societies for Growing Australian Plants
Garden Design: Now and Then Some of the challenges designing with Australian native plants through the decades

Re-designing the Landscape - Is a Make-Over In Order? Hendry County Extension Service, Univ Florida
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Working with a Garden Designer University of Georgia
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Garden Design Lots of ideas for various gardens styles, from Brooklyn Botanic Gardens
Planning the Home Landscape Texas A&M University
Planning a water efficient garden includes some general garden design tips. Qld Department of Natural Resources and Water
Garden Design to Reduce Stress University of Vermont
Landscape Art in the DQ Landcsape design of the Diplomatic Quarter, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Saudi Aramco World magazine
Functional Uses of Plants in the Landscape Some of the practical benefits of plants when planning a garden design. Ohio State University
Fences in the Landscape Hawaii Cooperative Extension Service
Help make gardening season easier for arthritis sufferers Extension Service Garden Hints, Oregon State University
Developing a landscape plan Perry's Perennial Pages, University of Vermont
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Cons and Pros and the Joneses Post about garden makeover with the help of designers at The Human Flower Project

If you're looking for more about individual garden styles (Balinese, Mediterranean, African etc,) or designers or suppliers specialising in those themes, start here: Garden Styles
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