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Better timber preservation a Qld innovation

Queensland scientists have developed a new timber preservation technology that is both environmentally friendly, efficient and gives better penetration of difficult timbers. Read more at the DEEDI website: Breakthrough for better timber and eco preservation (August 2011)

Coup for Queensland concrete company

Toowoomba Regional Council is trialing a new environmentally friendly concrete associated with lower carbon emissions on a new footpath in Rome Street, Newtown. "Earth Friendly Concrete" was developed by a local company, who claim that it also has superior durability. If the trial is successful, the council will continue to use the product. Source: Council trials world's first premixed 'green' concrete in Queensland first (August 2010)

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Gold Coast
Mob 0421 175 166

Endemic Landscapes offers complete landscaping solutions, from consultancy and design to quality construction.

Whether small-scale makeover, garden renovation or new landscape, call Nick for a free initial consultation in a language you can understand.

Nick's knowledge of local plants and soils is paramount to ensuring your garden not only looks great on completion but thrives for you to enjoy for many years to come.

Retaining walls, driveways, fencing, irrigation, water features and turf included in the range of residential and commercial services offered. QBCC Licence No 1302629.

Servicing Brisbane, Gold Coast and Northern NSW. Visit the WEBSITE for more information.

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If you're a lanscaper in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Caboolture, Pine Rivers , Redcliffe, Redlands, Ipswich, Logan or any other part of Qld and provide lanscaping services such as excavation, installation of paths, driveways, paving, retaining walls, etc in concrete, brick or timber, please click here: Information for advertisers.

More Online Information

Please Note: Some international links have been provided for general information and design ideas, but be aware that specific details (e.g. construction materials or legal requirements) may differ in Queensland. If in doubt, consult the Building Services Authority or a licensed contractor.
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How to build a segmental retaining wall Online article at the website of US publication Landscape Design/Build
Build a great wall Article about retaining walls at the website of US publication Landscape Management
Gardening on Steep Slopes Washington State University Clark County Extension
Use Stonework In Your Landscape to Combine Artistry and Function University of Florida IFAS Extension (PDF)
Fun With Concrete Fairegarden blog, Tennessee
Dry Stream Beds Washington State University Clark County Extension
Building Soil Berms factsheet at the Parker County Master Gardener Assoc. (Texas) website

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