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Shadehouses, Arches, Trellis

and other plant supports or shading products

This page is intended to provide the people of Queensland with a convenient way to locate suppliers and/or installation services for the following in Qld: Arches, Trellis, Lattice, Bush Houses, Shade Houses, greenhouses, polytunnels, other protective structures for plant culture, and associated staging, shelving or benches for plants or potting.

There's more information on nets and covers for pest protection at Nets for pest control. Shades and screens for patios etc are covered on the Outdoor Living page.

Be sure to check with local authorities about regulations or permits concerning the construction of shade houses and similar structures in your location.

Suppliers of Shadehouses, Garden Arches or Trellis

For the most up-to-date information on opening hours, items in stock, prices etc, be sure to contact the business directly. The following list may include online retailers and mail order suppliers.
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May include online retailers and mail order suppliers.

This page is intended to provide an easy way for Queensland residents find out about the various types garden structures designed for plant culture available and where to buy them in this state. Because these aren't exactly everyday gardening items, people may have trouble locating retail outlets, especially if they're looking for good quality heavy-duty construction.

Types of products suitable for this page include: garden arches, trellis or lattice (wood, plastic, aluminium), plant supports (stakes, obelisks), bush / shade houses, benches, shelving and heavy-duty plant stands for potted plants. Of particular interest are those constructed from weather (including UV) and rot resistant materials suitable for harsh Queensland conditions and capable of withstanding plants growing on them, potted plants hanging from or sitting on them etc.

If you're a manufacturer and/or retail seller of the types of structures described above, please get in touch to discuss an advertising package suited to you products and your budget.

If you provide a service that installs or can custom-build such structures, you may also find it advantageous to appear on this page. Advertising information and prices.

Other Information Online

For general information or research:
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"Bruce Patterson standing beside a home made shadehouse, Winton, Queensland, 1964" Photograph available online at National Library of Australia
The Shade House at Sassafras, New South Wales
A simple shade house The Hackett Gardener, Canberra
The Lath House At Balboa Park part of a Webshots photo album
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