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Cosmos and Coreopsis

Family: Asteraceae

More information to come in future updates.

More Online Information

Consider Cosmos in your flower universe Charlotte County Cooperative Extension Service (PDF)
Cosmos Texas A&M University

Cosmos bipinnatus Missouri Botanical Garden
Cosmos bipinnatus N.C. State University, North Carolina
Cosmos (C. bipinnatus) Cornell University
Flower Induction of Annuals Discusses effect of daylength on cosmos and other species. Purdue University
Light and flowering of bedding plants (see notes on Cosmos) Michigan State University

Cosmos sulphureus The Florez Nursery blog, NSW
Cosmos sulphureus Missouri Botanical Garden
Cosmos sulphureus Missouri Botanical Garden
Cosmos sulphureus North Carolina State University
Cosmos (C. sulphureus) Cornell University

Chocolate Cosmos, mmmmmm, chocolate... (Cosmos atrosanguineus) Paghat's Garden, USA
Chocolate Cosmos Flowers of India
Chocolate Cosmos (Cosmos atrosanguineus) Washington State University
Cosmos atrosanguineus Missouri Botanical Garden

Coreopsis University of Illinois Extension
Coreopsis rosea x 'Limerock Ruby' The Florez Nursery blog, NSW
Coreopsis rosea Missouri Botanical Garden
Early Sunrise offers beauty, performance (Coreopsis) Office of Agricultural Communications Mississippi State University, USA

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