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Family: Asteraceae

Zinnias grow well in hot climates. Varieties range from large-flowered types suitable for cutting to small-flowered types suitable for mass-planting.


Profusion Zinnia a space pioneer
Profusion Zinnia in space
Credit: Scott Kelly/NASA

A zinnia is the first ornamental plant to flower in space. This is part of the International Space Station's Vegetable Production System research. Although the primary aim is to produce fresh food on long missions, "space gardeners" have also reported how psychologically beneficial it is see and interact with live plants in this environment. News of the zinnia has been widely reported but with little mention of the variety. It was in fact a Profusion Orange. The Profusion series were developed by Sakata Ornamentals by hybridising Z. elegans and Z. angustifolia and have gained popularity around the world for heat, drought and disease resistance. Sources: ZINNIAS FROM SPACE! NASA Studies the Multiple Benefits of Gardening, Profusion Zinnias Become First Zinnias to Bloom in Space! (January, 2016)

Zinnia angustifolia  Zinnia angustifolia
Zinnia angustifolia

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