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Garden centres or chain stores usually carry a range of potting mixes, pest control and fertilisers, but if you have a large garden or garden intensively, it may be more economical and convenient to look for alternative places to buy such supplies. They might deliver, too, which is ideal if you lack transport. Of course, if you're major landscape contruction or renovation, you'll need a source of bulk sands, gravels, soils, mulches and construction materials (pavers, timbers, concrete blocks, geotextiles etc).

This page covers suppliers of materials for garden construction projects like paving and retaining walls, as well as bulk soils, mulches and fertilisers. It will include landscape supply yards in Qld as well as produce agents and rural supply outlets that supply garden products plus building supply yards that sell landscaping timbers etc.

If buying in bulk, be sure to have a suitable place to store the materials until you need to use them, if necessary.


A Boardwalk for Bli Bli

A new elevated boardwalk through the Maroochy River wetlands will allow visitors to explore aspects of the region's natural and cultural heritage. Descendants of the Australian South Sea Islanders Inc (DASSI) has worked with Sunshine Coast Council on the project and hope to develop educational signage to increase awareness of the Sunshine Coast’s history of South Sea Islanders. They first arrived as slaves more than 150 years ago, helping to establish the sugar industry. The route is set along an old cane rail track. The boardwalk itself is made from a fibre reinforced polymer, which won't rust or rot. Mesh decking allows 40% light penetration, so that plants can grow under and around the structure. The Bli Bli Boardwalk can be accessed from Whistler Street, Bli Bli. Source: New boardwalk honours history and spectacular natural surrounds (April 2021)

Better concrete from unexpected source

High-lignin cellulosic residues left by some types of biofuel production could be used in concrete manufacture. Replacing some of the cement in the mix with ash of the burnt biofuel byproduct actually increased the strength of the finished concrete. Source: Researchers building stronger, greener concrete with biofuel byproducts (March 2013)

White rot evolution the end for coal

Timber brown rot fungi can break down cellulose but not lignin. White rot fungi can attack both. A genomic study of wood-rotting fungi has estimated appearance of white rot fungi 290 million years ago, at the end of the Carboniferous period. This may have been a major reason that coal formation largely stopped at that time. Previously, fungi did not posses the enzymes required to digest the lignin component of wood, so it accumulated and eventually became coal. Source: White Rot Fungi Slowed Coal Formation (June 2012)

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Places to buy Landscape Supplies in Queensland


0492 992 874
Natural Stone Tiles, Pavers, Cladding, Walling.

Brisbane, Gold Coast

100 Muniganeen Road,
Muniganeen, Qld 4352
Ph: (07) 4696 7533
Mob: 0409 134 221

These High Strength Concrete Sleepers with Fibre Mesh Mix offer the durability of Concrete but the look of timber without the worry of Fire, rot or termites, ever. The colour is mixed in the concrete, not just painted on the surface.

Our Sleepers are suitable for retaining walls, garden edging, raised garden beds or garden steps. They are easy to install. No nuts, bolts or screws required.

Also available are pavers slate-style or cobble stone look, interlocking concrete blocks, garden seats and pre-cast slabs suitable for Wheelie Bins, Gas bottles, air-conditioning units etc.

Buy direct from Heritage Concrete Sleepers or from one of its distributors. Visit the landscape display at Muniganeen (near Highfields) or the WEBSITE for design ideas and more information.

Two locations:

Corner of Jennifer St
and Counihan St,
Seventeen Mile Rocks, Qld. 4073
Ph: (07) 3376 7500

Corner of Sherbrook Rd
and Bowhill Rd,
Acacia Ridge, Qld. 4110
Ph: (07) 3372 8380

Western Landscape Supplies offers a wide variety of landscaping products for the homeowner or tradesperson.

Mixes, mulches, composts and fertilisers for the garden. Soil, sand & gravel, including crushed concrete and decorative pebbles.

Range of treated timber for fencing or retaining walls, cement, steel reinforcing products, and much more.

Under New Management from 2007 in two locations. Kelley's Landscape Supplies now incorporated with Western Landscape Supplies.

Home delivery available. For more information, visit the WEBSITE

Incorporating Eumundi Palms

1073 Browns Creek Road,
Eerwah Vale
via Eumundi Qld 4562
Ph: (07) 5442 8492
hut Sunshine Coast Gardener's Paradise lives up to its name with over 200,000 plants from "tubes" to "super advanced" in stock.

Select from indoor and outdoor plants including ferns, rainforest plants, cycads and sun-hardened palms. Be sure to visit the Botanical Palm Garden featuring some eighty different species of palms, including rare varieties.

For a Balinese-style garden, the centre can supply thatched huts, decorative figures, pots and water features.

For more information, visit the Sunshine Coast Gardener's Paradise WEBSITE

If you're looking for someone to do landscaping work for you, see Landscapers

This page is intended to let the residents of Queensland know about places to buy landscaping materials for domestic DIY projects. Materials may include pavers, retaining blocks and logs, wooden or concrete sleepers, treated timber (pine, hardword) for outdoor use, cement, concrete mixes, quarried boulders, cut stone, crushed rock, bush rocks, sand, gravel, decorative pebbles, river stones, roadbase, aggregate, fill, soils, soil mixes, mulches (bark, coloured bark, glass, sugarcane, etc), playground mixes, manures, mushroom compost, top dressing, bulk potting mixes, geotextiles. Advertising information

Other Information Online

These links are for general information and ideas - certain materials referred to in the following pages may be unavailable in Queensland or unsuitable for our conditions. Note that legal requirements with respect to building and landscaping may vary depending on your location, so always check with appropriate authorities for current regulations before starting any projects or hiring a contractor.

Think Brick Australia (previously known as the Clay Brick and Paver Institute). Lots of information about these products British website with extensive information on paving, drainage and associated topics
Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Products Association North American Group that offers a variety of general information on these products
Cement Concrete & Aggregrates Australia Lots of information for DIYers and professionals
Cleaning Concrete University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Sand solutions: Replacing natural sand in concrete Article originally published in Quarry Management Journal (PDF)
Bush Rock Conservation Society for Growing Australian Plants Queensland Region, Inc.
Timber Queensland Includes technical information for DIYers
Timber Development Association of NSW lots of technical information and DIY projects.
Gardening and Landscaping with Wood Addresses some of the problems using timber in the landscape. Ohio State University. (Note that timbers species and treatments may be different in Australia).
Organic Alternatives to Treated Lumber Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas, USA
The Myth of Protected Preservatives (PDF) Discusses the issue of whether chemicals in pressure-treated timber can affect soil or plants. Washington State University
Treated Wood for Raised Garden Beds University of Tennessee (PDF)
NB: More on raised garden beds on the Garden Edging page.
American Galvanizers Association Lots of information about galvanised steel available at this website
Gabion Stormwater Best Management Practices, City of Chattanooga, Tennessee (PDF)
Gardening with Gabions (terraced gardens) Reproduced from Veld & Flora, Botanical Society of South Africa, at the PlantZAfrica website.
Fences in the Landscape Hawaii Cooperative Extension Service
First time fencing unravelled Department of Agriculture Western Australia
Sustainable Landscape Construction: Manufactured Lumber (Discusses plastic and composite timber substitutes) University of Florida

Older news

Coup for Queensland concrete company
Toowoomba Regional Council is trialing a new environmentally friendly concrete associated with lower carbon emissions on a new footpath in Rome Street, Newtown. "Earth Friendly Concrete" was developed by a local company, who claim that it also has superior durability. If the trial is successful, the council will continue to use the product. Source: Council trials world's first premixed 'green' concrete in Queensland first (August 2010)

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